Day 6: My beach-less experience in Phuket, Thailand.

31 Jul 2014

I roughly had an idea how long the travel was from my hotel to the pole studio, hence I knew that the price range for me to take motorbike taxi was 50-60Baht, but unfortunately, we got lost for about 20minutes so, I just decided to give the female driver another 20Baht, summing up to 80Baht.

Waiting for me at the door of the studio was a petite beautiful girl. Her name was Jen and she would be my teacher for my 6 hours of pole session. She was the one I communicated with through FB while preparing for the trip. Her’s studio’s name is, Pole Dancing School, Phuket (http://www.poledanceschoolphuket ).

She was pleasant. We started off with some stretching and conditioning exercises. She asked me to show her one spin and one invert just for her to have a rough idea on how we would start our session. I showed her chair spin and gemini-butterfly-flatline. Then we started our lesson.

She thought me climbing with attitude; polished up my superman, chair-floater-polecat-chair to fairy, butterfly from Ayesha. Haha Most moves I couldn’t do by the way. After 2hrs, we cooled down.

I walked along the road nearby the studio, had lunch and went for my first Thai massage. I walked back about 2km to go back to my hotel. I then rested.

After about 30minutes of rest, I walked another 1km plus to buy a ticket to watch Simon’s cabaret show, which was recommended to me by my friend. I bought the 7:45pm ticket so I still had an hour to walk (again) to Patong beach, have dinner (padthai) and stroll back to the show’s venue.

About the show, it was so-so. Production, setting and props were great but the performances were nothing great. The (boy)girls were really pretty but still I yawned a couple of times while watching them (sorry). I went back home directly after the show.

Simon Cabaret Show

Simon Cabaret Show

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