Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia with my beloved parents

Well, I’ve been to KL two times before this trip but I’ve never really explored the city as much as I explored it with my parents. I never expected that my parents could actually keep up with me and my love for walking, but surprisingly, they did, with flying colours.haha

We took bus from Singapore and arrived at KL at night. We checked in Prescott Hotel, Medan Tuanku and took a monorail to the only place in KL that looks really pretty at night, the Petronas Towers. We then had our Malay food dinner in a food court near our hotel and called it a night.


The next day, we took the train from KL Sentral heading to Batu Caves, a Hindu temple dedicated to their God, Murugan. One would really be amazed by the tallest Murugan statue in the world at the entrance. It’s actually visible even from the expressway.

To reach the main temple cave, one has to endure a 272- thin (coz my family has huge feet sizes) stair steps midst playful and sometimes scary monkeys frightening most of the unsuspecting tourists. I, for one got a shock when one of them showed his angry face to my dad who again, forgot to keep his food despite my continuous reminder before entering the temple. Woooh.

Anyway, both my lovely parents managed to go up and descend peacefully. Yey to them. I am actually proud! Haha Near the entrance close to the train station was another huge Hanuman Statue and the Ramayana cave, which was interesting for me, but not for my parents.

Batu Caves



I could already sense that they were tired, hence, despite wanting to see what Ramayana cave could offer, we just decided to grab our lunch within the compound. We had Thali, Roti prata and fried noodles, and just forego my longing to check the said cave out.

After that, we took the train back to KL Sentral and went on to see the Menara KL tower. I’ve been here before but my parents haven’t ,so, I also went up with them.

We then went to Merdeka Square. The square’s surrounded by beautiful historical buildings and is where one of the tallest flagpole proudly stands. We went into the city gallery too and drooled ourselves to death to see how much future plans the government has on Kuala Lumpur as a city. Our question remains “When will Philippines improve like that?”


Merdeka Square

We then walked to the Central Market and Chinatown, shopped and walked a loooooonnngggg way to reach home. My mum was actually tearing a bit while walking because she was tired. Had dinner and our night ended.

Before we went for our bus ride back to Singapore, we still managed to get a glimpse of their National Monument where there were a lot of tourist buses parked outside as well as tourists scattered around the area. If we had more time, it would have been lovely to visit their Botanic Gardens as well, which was just opposite the Monument.

KL National Monument

To conclude, contrary to what most people say ergo, my expectations, that “there’s nothing much to see in KL.”, KL is not at all a boring city. It’s actually beautiful, with a lot of good stuffs to offer, like colonial buildings and historical places  and affordable shopping areas. Moreover, you can foodgasm all you want.haha But due to time-constraints we weren’t able to see some famous spots, yet still, over all, the trip was well-worth-it. I had fun, so as my parents.

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