Mt. Batur, Bali, Indonesia

As usual, I didn’t read much about the facts and details about Mt. Batur, hence, I wouldn’t be able to say much about it. I’ll leave them up to Google, our friendly neighborhood encyclopedia. All I knew about Mt. Batur was, it is Bali’s second highest point/peak following the majestic and towering Mt. Agung which we climbed a few months back.

We flew to Bali late in the afternoon so we could reach there by night, spend a little time dining out for supper, sleeping in the van and tadah, after our morning coffee prepared by the guides, we finally started our trek at about 3:30am. First part was foresty. It was relatively easy. Subsequent terrain included sand, gravel, and a little bit of rocks. The combination of different surfaces made this climb super fun, plus of course, let alone the fact that I was with these OVERLY CRAZY INDIVIDUALS. The hike really turned into a chaotic get-away in a nice way….just the way I needed it to be. Thank God!

At the summit, the view was spectacular, almost 360′ view of the lake, Mt. Abang, Agung, Batur caldera and most specially, the sunrise. Almost 360′ because there was a small hut covering a small portion of the summit’s view and a lot of people bumming and covering parts of the view as well.


Our guides prepared hard boiled eggs cooked through volcanic steam, coffee, bread and fruits. It was such a rewarding experience having breakfast atop a mountain with that kind of view.


After breakfast, we started our descent. Going down, I’ve to say was more challenging to my knees because of the sandy surfaces. Much control was needed otherwise, one could just slide off the terrain (which might be an easier option huh? Just go with the flow).

After the trek we headed back to our base point, cleaned a little and drove for about 1hour to our buffet lunch place and then another 2.5hrs to our hotel accommodation in Nusa Dua, Grand Whiz Hotel.

After cleaning up, the girls opted to hang out by the pool side and have some drinks. We then, went out for our dinner at the city center, about 2hrs away from our hotel then back to our accommodation. By midnight, I decided to introspect alone at the Hotel’s lobby when suddenly, boxes of flowers all bundled up were placed just right in front of me. Ironically, someone was getting married and it would be held in that hotel. I was like, “of all times, why now?!?!” when I was trying to get my Ex’s wedding off my mind.

Lest I mourn, I decided to ask P and N to join me which they readily affirmed to. They came to the rescue. C also suddenly was down with us. We walked to the beach and relaxed while the warm wind dampened our sun-dried faces. P and N stayed up with me until the morning, my ex love’s wedding day. I love them!

In the morning, we all had our breakfast together, played Jenga and strolled under the sun, by the sea and sand. We had innumerable selfies and photo opps. Then, after a few hours, we had to bid Bali goodbye and get back to our own realities. Sad!


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