Hello Jakarta!

1 May 2014

I went out of the airport at almost 4pm. The Damri bus to Gambir just passed before my eyes, I missed it!. I asked the guard there ‘how long’s the waiting time for the next bus to arrive?’, he said, thirty minutes. I thought I couldn’t wait that long anymore because according to some reads, it would usually take 70minutes or more to get to the city from the airport, when taking Damri and as per my Indonesian friends’ advice, do not walk around alone in dark places, and so, there went my dream of taking cheaper transport (Rs25,000) heading to the city.

I went out..wohoo as expected drivers crowded around me. I just kept on saying,” I want metered I want metered taxi”. The guys were telling me fixed prices, which I refused to heed. Then, when they knew, they couldn’t make me ride, they gave up and pointed me to the taxi driver who would use meter. I had to pay for the airport toll ( Rs10,500, price dependent on your destination area) and the road toll (Rs13,500) on top of the metered fare (Rs162,000). If I’m not mistaken, the total fare amount from the meter was about the same as the fixed prices they were telling me a while ago or even more expensive.hmmmm Well, it was my own decision, I shouldn’t regret.

After about 30-45minutes, I reached Amaris Hotel Juanda, my home for 2nights. View from my room was the famous Istiqlal mosque which was said to be the largest mosque in SEA and the two little tips of the Jakarta Cathedral tower. It was getting darker already, but I decided to go ahead with my plan for the day, go to the Cathedral and walk to MONAS for sunset.

I saw the Cathedral from my window, I walked towards that direction. I could see the church, but hey, it was getting darker and the cars were so fast, I couldn’t cross. So near, yet so far..hay. I headed away and decided to visit it tomorrow, when there’s more people for me to tag along with when crossing the busy streets of Jakarta.hehe I found MONAS by walking too, same thing, I couldn’t cross. I couldn’t even bring my camera out of my bag. I don’t know why but the feel here is daunting. I hope it’ll get better tomorrow.

Disappointed with myself, I decided just to follow pavements and look for a place to get my dinner. There were groups of guys in every dark corners of the streets, I think they’re ojek drivers and I felt intimidated by them, even if they’re not doing anything to me. Maybe it’s because I couldn’t really see a lot of women around?hmm

Near my accommodation, there were a lot of small cafes and ok, there was one that looked a little more famous than most of the cafes. I ordered Ayam Penyet, haha, something familiar first. Tomorrow, I plan to be more adventurous.:)

I finished, paid and walked back home.


Istiqlal Mosque, view from my room
View from my room, Istiqlal Mosque

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