Run 350 (fr 21km to 10km)

With Noel again. Yep. Flag off was supposed to be at 5:30am, but hey, heavy rain and lightning suddenly stroke off. There we were, sleeping amidst the rain in the tentage provided by the organiser. We found 3 other friends there. A little later, the emcee announced that the 21km race has been called off. Sad. It would have been nice to run in the rain, minus the lightning. It’s my first time not being able to run a race because of bad weather condition and I sincerely understand the organizer’s concerns, so I didn’t really negatively react on the situation.


[Photo courtesy of Fauziah =)]

They asked us to just collect our runners’ finisher entitlement, which I think wasn’t fair because, we didn’t run anyway, why would we get the finisher shirt and medal? or am I just being scrupulous again? Anyway, though I will not be proud to display my shirt and medal, I still decided to get it just because it was free. haha

We all decided just to get our breakfast, but suddenly, they loudly annouced that 10km race won’t be cancelled. They invited the 21km participants to run the race, for fun. Initially, we decided we didn’t want to but then again, when we (Noel and myself) saw the 10km runners being flagged off, we turned green with envy..”Why are they running and we are not? hmmm..why not?” Hence, we collectively decided that we would go run the 10km, for fun..without official time and all. You know, I loaded myself with carbs the whole of last week. I thought I might as well burn some of it!

The race went on as usual. I think my unofficial time was 1hr 06 or 07 minutes, around that time. haha.. After the race, we went to eat breakfast at Funan. It wasn’t the run I was expecting, (I took cab to reach early, paid expensive amount coz the driver kept on taking the wrong turns) nonetheless, it’s always nice to spend time with my dearest friends… and running for a cause=)

Next time then.=)



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