Opportunity or distraction?

Home that I’ve learned to live in. Friends that I’ve learned to love. Greener pastures that I’ve learned to enjoy, save and invest. People that I’ve learned to embrace and understand. This is where comfort is….my currect state : COMFORTABLE!

Why do I want to change that? Why do I want to shake my comfortable world around? I do not know actually.

I have been introspecting about this for the past week because, after a few months of waiting for news (if the position I applied for long-ago is still available), they finally contacted me back.

This opportunity will be somewhere less comfortable, less peaceful and work-wise, completely different from what I am currently doing and been doing for the past 8 years. I’ll be on my own, while everything is new, definitely, uncomfortable, daunting.

There were times when I think of options as distractions. Example is this career-chance. It distracts me from contentment. It threatens my current disposition. I should be content and pleased because I’ve always been blessed here. I’ve grown (as a person) here! Now, there’s an option and my world is rattled. I started to see ugliness in my otherwise, perfect world. I started to complain and look at things that I am not happy about.

I started to see this option as an opportunity..a once in a life time opportunity- I will regret-not taking.

Well, options are not always bad. Though, it is true that it can be a distraction most of the time but what if, this distraction can make you grow further, not just career-wise but as a person?

The fire burning inside me is my desire to grow! I want to grow and I want to make my comfort-zone bigger! I want to be comfortable too about things that I think, are unnerving and uncomfortable, as of the moment. I want to feel the fear and conquer them still. I want to go where I am more needed.

My life here is perfect. No communication barrier (most of the time), transportation is amazingly organised, pay is more than I’ve ever imagined myself getting, during my younger years.

The new location is the opposite. Things will be a little bit more challenging. There will be communication barrier, traffic is terrible, tax is extremely high plus government is as corrupt as back home. BUT: I will have to force myself to learn their language, to probably learn to ride a motorbike, to re-learn how to live a simpler lifestyle? These are opportunities for me to GROW and become a better human-being!

I hate being on stage. I hate marketing. I hate presenting. This opportunity will be all about these, lots of these. So, this is my chance to GROW and to start liking things that I hate doing!

Something inside me is telling me that I will have a lot of what-if-moments if I don’t take this. What ever happens, accepted of not, perfect or not, I will always let HIS will be done!

I am sure He would want me to GROW!

And I guess, I already know why I want to change things. It’s because, I WANT TO GROW, AS A PERSON!

(and yes, I obviously am trying to convince myself.)


About Miss_Pia

Neurotic Health-care Professional who enjoys sleeping, running, reading, introspecting, pole art and exploring new things and sometimes, places!
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