Singapore Urbanathlon 2014

March 2 2014 (14km, 9 obstacles)


Focus. That was the main thing I had to put in mind for this race. “Focus on the goal/obstacle, not on the muscular guy beside you.” Haha Well, I was pretty certain that there would be a number of them in this race. Kidding aside, well, 14km wasn’t much, if it was just plain running, but looking at the obstacles, I was (overly) nervous. Since two weeks ago, I couldn’t get the race off my mind.

I was alone this time. I’ve ran and raced alone many times before and I was ok, unlike this time. Another woman, who was also alone approached me. Her name was Zana. By the way she looked, it seemed that she was pro in this already but, she admitted that she wasn’t. Just like me, it was her first time. She has ran Sundown Full Marathon before and clocked 4hrs plus. OMG! She’s amazing.

We were in Wave 5. As soon as the race started, I bid her goodbye for I know, I wouldn’t see her again…helloo 42km in 4hrs..haha We climbed up the stadium and the first obstacle was my favourite, balance beam (balance sheet). Without sweat, I was able to pass through it. I could dance but I didn’t.

I was able to comfortably and successfully completed 7.5/9 obstacles. Well, not bad for a first timer. In my head, I just kept on playing the mantra “focus…focus..on the goal.”, while queuing for obstacles.

Well, the obstacles which, unfortunately, I was not able to complete successfully were:

  1. Lateral moves:

lateral moves

Honestly speaking, I knew this would be the most challenging for me and because of that, I TRAINED for it. Hard! I went every night for the past week in the neighbourhood outdoor gym just to practice this. Last Thursday, I could do it already, but still not confident enough about this new skill.

Ok, lateral moves. OMG, the bars were shaking as well as my entire body and arms. I lost control over my lower extremities, so I stopped half-way. I was really slow and just behind me was an ang-moh who, sarcastically told me to queue behind again. Hmph.

That was it, I was upset and frustrated because this was the obstacle which I trained ridiculously hard for. (the bars I used for training were more stable than this)  I just decided, never mind, I’ll just skip trying again and just get penalized for this obstacle. I felt less motivated after that. I was up to complete everything! Hay! I hate that guy behind me!

***the more I stress, the higher the tendency of me not accomplishing my goal, so relax, and just don’t think about it (lesson)

Proof that I trained and that I kept on thinking about it.

I trained here every night for the past week:

2014-02-26 21.00.36

I couldn’t get it off my mind right, so I drew it!


2.  Half of the Curve analysis, I couldn’t do.

curve analysis

Well, by just looking at it, I was pretty sure, I would have a hard time and it was true. But then again, there was a Chinese guy who offered to help me by lifting my butt up to reach the top of the first cement pipe (1.2m), ehmmm…not successful! I went to try one more time, by myself, in the retry pipe. First pipe, completed but suddenly, my right knee was painful. The next pipe was 1.5m. I made a decision, not to try and be stubborn to reach the second pipe because it may cause me knee injury, which I couldn’t afford to have because I still have a climb next weekend! Couldn’t risk it!

*** I think the guy who pushed me up the first time I tried didn’t hear me thank him. I almost forgot actually and the moment I remembered, I screamed “thank you” but he didn’t face me. So, once again, if you happen to drop by my journal, THANK YOU THANK YOU! After the irritating ang-moh, I thought, you were an angel!

Last obstacle (mystery obstacle) looked challenging as well, but surprisingly, I was able to do it! I plunged into the inflated pool and scream after the race.


There were foodies after the race, so I ate. There were also free beer which I didn’t take. I was happy with the food. Hehe

And there goes, my first Urbanathlon experience. Will I do it again? Yes. With friends, so that next time I needed someone to push my butt up, I wouldn’t feel a little embarrassed just like how I felt a while ago. Haha


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