Marina Run 2014 (21km)

15 Feb 2014

My second half marathon. I went with my good friend, kuya Noel.

I finished my first half at 2hrs 42minutes and I hoped to finish this run at 2hours 30minutes. I was dreaming! Hehe Then again, we were flagged off and as usual, I started really slow. I could feel the wind touching my face and it felt great! I love running near bodies of water because it, somehow, energizes me.

Slowly, I started overtaking people and there, I saw the 2hrs, 3omins pacers. I overtook them and steadily ran the first loop. It was beyond my expectations and my dream. Haha But it was just the first loop. So, I couldn’t say for sure if I was up to complete my goal for the night.

Second loop came and I was still enjoying inhaling the soothing warm wind coming from all directions. I loved it! However, at 19 to 21 Km, I felt tired and fatigued. I started running at a slower pace, until the 2hrs 30mins pacers overtook my path once again.  I was few seconds (or a minute) away from them. I was gasping for air, my body started to complain. Why the hell are you doing this to yourself?

I successfully completed my second half marathon at my desired time (I think! Official time’s not out yet). My knees and inner thighs were cramping after the race. I didn’t train for 2-3weeks, that’s why.

Anyway, the race was ok but of course, running 2loops was a little bit boring because of redundancy. There was shortage of water when I passed by Marina Barrage during the second loop too, but over all, it was an average run. Thanks to the organizers!=)



UPDATED: Results from the runtime (2)

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