Holiday back home: CNY period

How did this holiday become memorable?

 I didn’t go back home last Christmas because I wanted to be with my dad on his 60th birthday, and the previous holidays were too close to it, hence, despite Christmas and New Year being bigger holidays to us, Filipinos, I decided to head back home for Chinese New Year / daddy’s birthday.

 We planned a surprise party for him, inviting all those valuable to him, his closest family members, distant relatives and friends. We rented out a resort for a night, karaoke system, had all the food catered as well.  He was happy (he got so drunk), therefore, the party was successful.



 I planned to climb Pico De Loro, Cavite’s highest peak, but decided otherwise. Despite this, I was still determined to make my holiday a little bit more productive. I decided to take up driving. I chose to learn it for 10hours, though most people would say that one can learn it in just a few hours or just simply self-learn, I wanted to learn it properly and gain confidence in driving on busy roads. I didn’t want to learn it from my dad because I was certain that I would get a lot of scolding. I enrolled in A-1 Driving.

 I went for a 2hr theory course, 8-10hrs of practical driving (8-9 because my second instructor rested a lot and decided to drop me off our subdivision earlier than what I paid for) and 4hrs of basic car maintenance workshop, which program included: how to change oil, tires, bulbs, wipers and starting through using jump start, which were all really easy to do. Well, I really am training to be an independent woman.


 I ,fortunately, was able to learn how to drive manually. I just hope, I won’t forget to do so, especially because I’ve got no car to practice with here in Singapore or in the Philippines. My dad just won’t let me touch his wheels. He’s willing to make me change his tires though! ;b

Well, everything went well. As usual, I can’t get enough of just staying with my loved ones! I just miss them! Hay

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Neurotic Health-care Professional who enjoys sleeping, running, reading, introspecting, pole art and exploring new things and sometimes, places!
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