Project: Singapore Exploration: Peranakan Museum, New Year’s Eve and a walk to welcome 2014

31 Dec 2013 to 1 Jan 2014

Peranakan Museum was the last of three museums included when purchased my museum ticket at The National Museum of Singapore last October. I visited both The National Museum and the Singapore Arts Museum in two consecutive days when I was on MC because of my finger injury.


The first time I’ve visited the museum was back in 2012, during the Night Festival where they actually offered free entry to most of the surrounding museums within the nights of the festival. That time, I was with friends. I was alone in today’s visit.

I felt that the museum somehow shrunk. It felt smaller than the first time I went there, maybe due to familiarity effect? I went around and still my favourite was the wedding gallery. I particularly liked the wedding furniture exhibit. The furniture details were beautifully made and instead of looking at yourself at the mirror, you’ll end up looking at those minute details. I like.

2013-12-31 13.47.23

The museum also described Nonya as:

2013-12-31 14.00.32

I felt sad to read this, is that all a woman can do?

Anyway, after I went to the museum, I went back and rested because we would be singing for the Novena Church’s New Year Midnight mass, the last one to be held in that church before it undergoes major renovation in 2014. I am glad to be part of it!

Praise and worship, then mass went on smoothly. At 11:59pm, headed by the presider, we all excitedly counted off to welcome 2014! Balloons dropped from the church’s ceiling and poppers were popped all together. It was a different kind of experience. I still think Novena Church need not a major renovation. I like it that way. It has this solemn and sacred feel that other churches do not anymore have because they’re all so new and cold.

Anyway, after the mass, we went to Vivien’s place to try on some cupcakes that she baked and then we headed home and rested because the next day, first of January, we would still welcome the New Year with a walk from Mc Ritchie to Bukit Timah hill, Singapore’s Highest point, a very long walk!

The next morning, the plan was actualized and as of writing, I am trying to keep myself awake because I am exhausted from the walk!


Happy New Year Everyone!

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