Christmas is over, now what?

After a huge wedding day and few months of preparation, a couple finally had their time to rest on their first night of being together as husband and wife. The couple lied on the bed, looking at each other, staring at each other, not talking but their eyes are questioning, “Now what?”

This was a story related by the priest during his homily two weeks ago and because Christmas just passed, I was reminded of this story, I began to question myself, “Christmas is over, now what?”

We spent so much weeks preparing for this time of the year. I personally started shopping for friends since September. At home, we started decorating the house a week before Christmas and to tell you the truth, we spent so many sleepless nights doing this. Ideas to make the house look good flowed endlessly and execution part of these ideas somehow, required time. For the past week, me and my housemates slept at about 2-3am in the morning. It was tiring but we enjoyed doing it.

My contribution to the decorations was just minimal because, I was suffering from a broken heart last week hence, I felt that I needed time just to reflect and just concentrate on wrapping my gifts. I occassionally helped out.

On Christmas day, we all prepared dishes that we had to serve those who came to our place for the gathering. It was potluck and I cooked Philippine-style pansit. People came in, mostly people I wasn’t really close to therefore, interacting with them was also an effort for me. I am not a very sociable person, at first. I am kind of shy actually.

After the gathering, I had to go for choir practice then, Christmas mass. Then, after the mass, I was dog tired. I went home, had dinner then lied on my bed, stared at the ceiling, asked myself “now what?”

Nowadays, Christmas has become too commercialized that unfortunately, it losts its meaning already. Christmas is more than just decorating the house and streets, parties and gift giving. Actually Christmas spirit should be felt everyday, not just on Dec 25. I do not know if I am just being a Grinch but, somehow, the sight of parties, get-together and sales all over saddens me.

Why do these things have to happen only during Christmas season? Why can’t we have just a simple meal with families and friends any day of the year? Why can’t we share our blessings to others all year long? Why is there a season for being happy and jolly? Why can’t these happen everyday? Questions I also am asking myself?

Indeed, Christmas is a day to celebrate because it’s our Saviour’s birth. His humble birth can symbolize humble beginning for each and everyone of us. Christmas is not to be celebrated shallowly. The occasion deserves more than that. It deserves a little thinking and introspecting too. “Now what?”

How can we make ourselves a better human being? How can we give more without expecting something in return? How can we serve the community more, not just because it is required but also because its enriching personally? How can we prepare ourselves for his coming?

As for Yesterday’s homily, we are actually blessed, healthy and well, to share the following simple and PRICELESS (free) gifts to others: Listening, Embrace, Laughter, Letter, Compliment and Kindness, not just for Christmas but hopefully, EVERYDAY. So, how are we going to start sharing all these?

Just like for couples, they should also think about the marriage, not just the wedding!=)


2013-12-26 14.21.47

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