Reality of Impermanence

As people would always say, the only thing permanent in this world is change. And because of this mortal fact, impermanence should be expected. It shouldn’t be denied or resisted. The more knowledge one has on impermanence, our attitude about it will change, then, practices while waiting for it will be different as well.

Expectation that every good thing we have as of the moment can be gone in an eye blink would make the acceptance process easier to bear once it occurs. Mountains, rocks erode, flowers wither, loved ones will age, and pass on, love would fade, and promises can be broken.

Just by imagining these things to happen, melancholy can already set in, how much more when these immerse into our own reality? How can we change our attitude towards these?

Should we think that, let’s say, for example, when flowers wither, the soil beneath it would benefit because it will fertilize the soil and facilitate the growth of a new flower? When a loved one passes on, should we think that they’re up in heaven and therefore spared from the atrocity and unwarranted bitterness here on earth? When rocks erode, the earth particles would be able travel the world for free?

Thinking this way would make us accept impermanence without much resistance. Accepting it fully isn’t easy especially if we would be thinking about what’s the more appropriate thing to exude while waiting in anticipation? Should we detach from all these and just not care about anything anymore? Or embrace and love more, so when the time comes that we have to let go, it’ll be easier because we have given our best, hence we won’t regret anything?

What do you think?

My ex bf just got engaged, I thought I’ve already moved on but hell, after knowing about it, I still can feel the ache….After all these years….I’m back to square one…:(

Good things are impermanent, and so are painful things…I’m thrilled to know what tomorrow would bring me. I am awaiting and looking forward to the time that I’ll just laugh about this feeling I am having now….

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Neurotic Health-care Professional who enjoys sleeping, running, reading, introspecting, pole art and exploring new things and sometimes, places!
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