Realizations about life and travel while Driving around Kerala, India

1. In life or during travel, If you lost something along the way, it’s ok to cry but do not let this spoil your whole day or trip. Mourn a little, do not wallow for a long time, so you can have time to do what’s necessary, and then move on. Anyway, everything we have right now, is impermanent.

2. First impressions do not last so long as you give it another try. Our first trip to India was not very satisfactory but this recent trip I had was a blast!

3. Let go of technology from time to time. Keep your phones or tablets to experience what you actually have in your ‘here and now’! During my recent trip, my phone went useless and I didn’t bother about it too much, the prize: I got to enjoy the company of everyone around me in Kerala. I enjoyed the basic, yet essential things these people have to offer; hospitality, love, care and food!=)

4. Enjoy your NOW. Do not let anything spoil your whole day! Remember, life is temporary and uncertain. If you let small stuff bother you, you are just wasting your precious time. Give in to your cravings, at least if, knock on the wood, you die today, you will do so happily. =)

5. Always have an open mind and heart both during travel and in life. People and cultures will always be different. If things are not the way you expected them to be, or if beliefs and traditions are not the same as what you know or comfortable with, do not criticize or condemn. Even individuals from the same land are different! Respect individual differences and tolerate racial dissimilarities. So if they’re using their hands when eating, I’ll do that too!=)

6. Over-generalizations and racism are for cowards. I ,sometimes, am guilty of these, but slowly, I am trying to change. I know that I am sometimes afraid to accept others and to have an excuse, I create these so-called shields for me to prevent myself from embracing them fully. But that’s unnecessary! I have to change!

7. People who are bombarded with misfortunes mature faster. I am immature, I know, because I have lived comfortably my whole life. I have observed that in Kerala, people younger than I am, act more mature than me. I have to improve on this aspect too because I play around too much.

8. Who cares about proper English grammar? I don’t! Only English teachers in classrooms do! Outside, in life or in places where English isn’t the main language, it’s of little help. Main roles of communication in humans are for us to understand each other, to express and be heard and to listen, not to impress others (well sometimes it’s used that way). “care water (slipping action).” According to my achacha. I knew what he meant, “Take care in the waters, you might slip.” I was touched. It’s his thought that counted, not the grammar.

About Miss_Pia

Neurotic Health-care Professional who enjoys sleeping, running, reading, introspecting, pole art and exploring new things and sometimes, places!
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