Never Sad in Hyderabad, India

(25-29 Nov 2013)

I reached Hyderabad airport and went to the pre-paid taxi stand at basement. I’ve already examined the airport when I first arrived hence, I knew exactly where to find it already. I took cab to my accommodation, Trident Hotel, a five-star hotel. Wow!

I could see that the roads from the airport to the city was wide, well cemented and dry, just like in Dubai. It was beautiful though there’s not much trees around. I reached Trident. The hotel looked new and staff were all friendly with painted smiles on their faces as I approach anyone.

I was tempted not to go out anymore because the room was very comfortable and with wifi but, it’s unlike me not to take a walk and explore. So I headed out and found that behind the hotel, there’s a Paradise Restaurant which was said to be famous for their Hyderabadi Briyani. I told myself I’d have dinner there later. I continued to walk and reached this park Shilaparaman (40Rs). I went in and saw that it was a cultural park with bazaars inside. Nothing great but it’s still better than just staying in the hotel. Haha I just walked aimlessly inside the park to kill time and then, exited off just in time for dinner. I went to Paradise Restaurant to try their Hyderabadi Briyani, which was tender and mouth-watering though it was a little bit salty for my taste. I liked it still but I wasn’t able to finish again because the serving was again, crazy too much for one.


Conference went on. I was once again back to trying to socialize with colleagues. Honestly, socializing with colleagues is one of my many weaknesses. I am always having a hard time therefore I was always looking forward to go home. I was ok with people I am familiar with but new ones, I could turn hysterically I blabber a lot when I feel embarrassed that’s why.

In Hyderabad, I only planned to see 3 places;

(1) Charminar – the famed landmark in Hyderabad. Which I reached on my second day there with a group. Down the road close to the arch was a prominent Irani Chai café, Nimrah café and bakery. We tried that for 10Rs each cup. According to my research, there’s a well-known shop that sells mixed fruits there but I was unable to find it. The guide said, it’s far from where we were. I doubted it.=b We also walked along a street where most of the shops sells blinding and shimmery bangles made of glass. They were beautiful but I didn’t really plan to buy them. The chaos around the area reminded me of Philippine’s Quiapo or Divisoria. Nearby, was the Mecca Masjid, a mosque.


(2) Hussain Sagar Lake– with a group same night, after Charminar; a man-made lake with a gigantic Buddha statue at the center. This lake was said link the twin cities Secunderabad and Hyderabad.


(3) Golconda Fort – I went there on the fourth day, by myself just for a quick two hour tour of Hyderabad’s old capital. It was beautiful. I particularly liked the trek up, the view and the strong wind from atop. It was awesome!=)

According to our guide when we visited Charminar and Hussain Sagar, Hyderabad only started to boom economically in 2002 due to the influx of IT companies in the city, followed by malls and hotels. According to him, in 2002, there were only 2 shopping centers in the area, now there’s countless of multi-leveled buildings around. I’m not sure how accurate this information is though, but I just took it in as said.=)

Well, that’s about it for my South Indian Expedition. I shall come back because I fell in love with the South’s culture and people!=)

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3 Responses to Never Sad in Hyderabad, India

  1. Dipti says:

    If you liked Hyderabad, you should visit a bit more of South India – its crazy and chaotic but beautiful in its own way 🙂 Nice post!

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