Day 5: Goodbye Kerala, Amma, Achacha! See you soon!

25 Nov 2013

I woke up early, greeted achacha happy birthday and witnessed how our breakfast, Idiyappam, was made. I packed my stuff for that day because I was flying back to Hyderabad for the conference. Hay…In my brief stay here, I learned to love these people. I was aggrieved to leave them behind like this. Hay

But life must go on. While waiting for the, (late) Domson, achacha took me on a bike ride. We just biked to St. Mary’s Church again just to show me how he rides his motor bike. Haha. Upon reaching back home, we just decided to have breakfast, Idiyappam with egg curry, first and to not anymore wait for Domson,

Finally, Domson came with the friend and we sang happy birthday and gave the cake to achacha. He was surprised because he said few days before, that he doesn’t anymore celebrate birthdays. We cut the cake and he fed all of us using his hands. After that, Achacha, Domson and the friend took off rushing because I was almost late for my flight. There was no time to be emotional and to be dramatic about me leaving because every one’s feeling of sadness was substituted by the feeling anxiety that I might not reach on time for my flight.


Luckily, I still reached 50mins before the flight therefore, the counter’s still open. I ran to the check in counter and was able to still relax a little at Kochi Airport. Goodbye Kerala! It was nice to be with you for a short while!

Thanks to Amma , Achacha and Domson for making my brief holiday very so fun and memorable.

There goes my brief Keralan Holiday!=)

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Neurotic Health-care Professional who enjoys sleeping, running, reading, introspecting, pole art and exploring new things and sometimes, places!
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