Day 3: Backwaters of Kumarakom, Kerala, India

23 Nov 2013

Morning came and breakfast prepared by amma was idli with chicken curry. I confirmed with them many times if the road would be the same as the road we trudge the day before. They assured me that it wouldn’t be like the day before.

We then drove for about an hour until we reach Kumarakom, this was where we would board the boat house, a cruise boat, for about 4hours along one of kerala’s backwaters. Yey! I was looking forward this because this is what Kerala’s famous for, it’s backwaters. Off we go passing through what they call, the Venice of the East. It was a relaxing journey passing through a quiet lake as well as a barrage. The view, sound of the waters were calming much more the cooling wind that kept on dampening our sun dried faces. It was amazing. We then stopped at the middle of the lake to take lunch, seafood and vegetables.


To prove how relaxing it was, I was able to come up with a poem while in the boat house;

As I was sitting on a wooden chair
My mind is empty, only myself I am made aware
Water still, my consciousness still
Silence overruns unfamiliar conversations around
Nothing means anything
Anything means nothing
I am talking to myself
Embracing the familiar unfamiliarity
I can only succumb to the wind touching my face
Nothing else is important
Serenity within, peace outside
Selfish as it may seem but now,
I could only think of myself
My Here, My Now!

I couldn’t make myself believe
That this is the same chaotic place I was in a few nights ago
The place where the newness was overwhelming
Where I couldn’t find myself at peace.
Now, here’s different, surreal yet mundane
Ethereal peace, silence within
It seems I can achieve!

We then drove to Kottayam city to shop for some souvenirs and have some pups (indian puffs) and lemon soda. We then drove to St. George Church, pray a little then we drove to amma’s sister’s house. They fed me again with different Indian delights while they made me check another wedding photo album. Ok. I was already green with envy. Every one’s getting married, except me..haha

We then drove to what they call, Nalumani Katt O. There were benches at the road sides with view of the paddy fields and possibly, sunset (we didn’t witness because we arrived late). The wind almost made we want to sleep. According to Amma and achacha, at 4pm, usually, small shops would open along this road side so the people can experience admiring the scenery while seated at the benches while munching on their favorite delicacy. When we came, there were no shops. I’m not very sure why. We all played like little children using the swing there. Simple pleasures of life indeed!

We then went to St. Mary’s Church, where prayers are answered, usually related to weddings, according to them. I prayed hard…for Susan!=) To end the night, we had dinner at Best Baker Restaurant. After all the food I have eaten that day, I couldn’t anymore eat as much but hey, I still ate.haha After this, we headed home.

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