Day 2 : Hills and Mountains of Kerala, India

22 Nov 2013

Domson did come on time. But we didn’t leave immediately because auntie made a special breakfast for us, appam with chicken curry. It was delicious! I controlled myself from having more despite my mouth still wanting to have more. I was kind of worried that I might gain and turn out not to be fit for my upcoming first marathon.hay We finished after an hour, left the house. I took the anti-motion sickness meds I got from Singapore because I was already made aware that the roads would be terribly curved.

Then we started a long, winding, excruciatingly painful journey to Vagamon. We first headed the burial site of St Alphonsa which was along the way. The roads were inconsistently developed, some cemented, some were not.

We also passed by multiple rubber plantations. I never knew that rubber’s harvested that way, from the tree trunk, juice would be collected using plastic bags and according to Domson, if the trees couldn’t give much juice anymore due to age, it would be cut off and get replaced with new trees. Sad! Before reaching our main destination, we stopped at this one nice viewpoint to get an ice cream and get absorbed by the beautiful mountains surrounding the road.

We then reached Pine Forest. Took a lot of pictures 360 degrees of the same directing, ladies and gentlemen was Domson. Few minutes from the Pine Forest, was the hilly station. We were the only people there actually. It was windy, quiet and very peaceful. I liked it! I hate to say this, but I find the place very romantic..haha


 From there, a few more meters of trek, we reached the so-called Suicide Point. Not that people commit suicide there but it’s because the cliff was conducive for committing suicide. It was a steep viewpoint without railings. Going into this from behind was free unlike when you go from the front entrance that was actually ticketed. I’m not very sure how much though. Good thing, my guide knew about this. It saved us a little rupees.:)

After a few photo opps, we trekked back to the parking lot. We were heading to another mountainous view point, Parunthumpara. But before that, we passed by tea plantations, and stopped there for a few minutes to gatecrash and take some pictures. I begged my guide to let me walk because I couldn’t anymore take the curvaceous road. I wanted to vomit. Every time I was inside the car, I would just sleep.

We reached the viewpoint, Parunthumpara and we were alone again. We took pictures of us and the mountains. It started raining though, so we had to go before the heavy rain came to its start.


We drove down and the kiddo couldn’t anymore take the road, she finally asked the guide to stop because she needed to throw up. Shamelessly, she ran out and did her business. After her embarrassing performance, she slept all throughout the trip.

After about 3hours of drive we reached home. Amma and achacha prepared something for dinner. Despite not feeling so well, I still had to eat. They cooked Karimeen,a famous Keralan fish, for me. It was nice! They were nice!=)

I slept well after that. I was excited because the next day, we’d be going to Kumarakom, the Venice of the East with my dear amma and achacha. =)

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