What Are You Complaining About Again?

You’ve got your fashionable clothes on
But you think your shoes don’t match your bag,
The only clothing they have is what they’re wearing.

You can’t wake up early in the morning,
Because your bed is so comfortable and warm,
That you want to sleep in,
They haven’t slept in days,
Because they do not even have a roofed shelter.

You hated the lady in the food stall,
For giving you thigh instead of breast meat ,
That you specifically asked for,
They do not even have potable water,
To hydrate their systems or bathe with.

You dragged yourself to work
While cursing everyone in the office,
Even their workplaces got wiped out,
Distorted in the map.

You abhorred the man, who pushed you,
In the crowded bus this morning,
There are thousands of families,
Staying in one filthy open area fighting for space .

You raised an eyebrow,
When the bus driver let the slow pedestrian pass by first,
Because you were late
They do not even have roads,
And all their modes of transportation were washed off
And damaged irreparably.

You are scolding your mother for staining your favourite pants,
They couldn’t even find their mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, friends,
Everyone…Everything…Gone….in an eye blink….

So, what are you complaining about again?

I am deeply wounded by what happened to my country once again. It’s heart breaking. I don’t know how are we going to rise back up from this tragedy. I am sympathizing and I can’t even bring myself to empathize because it’s just too painful, even by just watching the news and looking at the pictures. It’s too much for anyone to bear.

To the Yolanda/Haiyan victims and their families, my heart is with you and right now it’s badly shattered too!=(

A powerful Photo I saw from http://www.world.time.com/2013/11/10 with the key words “donate to Philippines”

yolanda pic (2)

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