How are we going to appreciate the rays of the sun rising up,
When there’s no darkness of the night?
How are we going to get all cleaned up,
When the dirt from our body declines going together,
With the foams of our disinfecting soaps?
How will the fishes survive,
If the waves of the sea keep on pushing them away towards the shore?
How are we going to appreciate what’s right
When there’s absence of wrongs?

What will happen to fiery red if it denied to fuse with serene white?
Then, there will be no soothing pink?
What will happen to the untarnished paper when it protected itself from being touched by a filthy pencil?
Then there will be no basic art?
What will happen to the sour green mango if it refused to merge with sweet condensed milk?
Then there will no luscious green mango shake?
What will happen to the earth if the beautiful flowers defended themselves from being kissed by persistent bees?
Then there will be no pollination, the lands will be dull?

When will the real New Year be,
If everyone feels that we are ageless and forever free?
When will real love unfold,
If all of us are engulfed by our own hatred and prejudices?
When will real appreciation occur,
If human beings always believe they are better than the others?
When will real compassion transpire,
If every person cannot tolerate differences?

The truth is, beautiful things emerge from differences.
Opposite beliefs will cultivate deeper contemplations.
Humans, remember this, we may be wealthy now,
But despite this, we still do not own the Earth.
The Earth owns us!

Maybe the only time we will realize this,
Is when we are on our deathbeds?
By then we will regret that we have hated.
By then the fear of being one with everyone else will sink in.
Because at the end of our days,
Whether we get cremated, buried or left rotting in our own backyards
We will still turn into soil.
We are all nothing but soil!

So, why wait for us to turn into soil, before turning one with everyone else,
When we can already do it NOW, while we are still alive?

About Miss_Pia

Neurotic Health-care Professional who enjoys sleeping, running, reading, introspecting, pole art and exploring new things and sometimes, places!
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