Gunung Arong , Mersing, Johor, Malaysia Revisited

9 Nov 2013

I joined HTTB, an adventure meet-up group, to climb Gunung Arong once again. It was my second time conquering the beautiful and relaxing Gunung.  This time, we spent less than two hours, ascending and descending (minus all the breaks and lunch at the summit), a lot faster than the first time we trudged there.

Anyway, as always, the summit provided a picturesque view of a peninsular island, light-colour sand beach and the South China Sea.  We descended using the trail towards the beach hence, the reward was sun bathing, relaxing or swimming on warm sea water? Make your choice and either way, it’ll be enjoyable, as what happened to me. I just chose to dip my tired feet into the water , walk along the shore and think about how lucky I am to be able to experience trekking this mountain again (while my country is being pounded by yet another calamity before Christmas….kinda sad).

After the beach, we had to walk about a kilometre on road to get back to the resort and wash up. The moment everyone’s done cleaning up, we went to have a lip-smacking dinner in one Chinese restaurant near by the resort.

To sum up, it was one fun Saturday with great people having the same yearnings (some adventure) and cravings (a lot of MAGNUM)!

chilling at the foot of g. arong

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