Accident >MC = Project: Explore Singapore (more)

As in my previous post, I had an accident that injured my fingers and this caused me to take medical leave for three days, as the doctor from the A&E suggested. I limited my physical activities just to walking and running because my fingers were too painful especially when pressed, therefore using (and washing) them would be a complete torture. No work, No gym, no yoga, no krav maga possibly, no pole too…..Boring!

What could a bored woman do when she couldn’t do her usual stuff? Hmmm I thought, I should go and explore places I haven’t been paying much attention to since I got here in Singapore 8years ago. This is in lieu with my goal to explore and get to know Singapore more before I (If ever) decide to leave.

I have been to ACM, National Museum, Peranakan Museum, Malay Heritage Museum and Chinatown Heritage Centre, once each, some visits were rather recent (and quick) but despite this, I feel that what I know about Singapore is not even a grain in sack of rice. I have to admit, I know very little; hence I came up with this goal of getting to know Singapore a little bit better. Singapore has been my home for 8years anyway!

First stop, (Oct 29) National Museum, I visited the Permanent Galleries like Singapore History Gallery (to sharpen my memory a little bit about my home for 8years’ history), Goh Seng Choo Gallery and Singapore Living Galleries, my favourites were Photography-Framing the Family, at the back of the photographs, there were videos related to the pictures which I found interesting, and Food-Eating on the streets; They also have one Living Gallery for Fashion and Film and Wayang.

I also went to check out a special exhibition; A changed World: Singapore Art 1950s-1970s and the Singapore Biennale 2013 – I find this exhibit particularly interesting because it showcased antique Chandeliers symbolizing all the Nuclear nations, and the bigger the chandeliers, the more the number of Nuclear plants are, operating in that country. USA has the biggest, followed by France? That was based on how I viewed and estimated the sizes of the chandeliers. Not sure how accurate my eyesight is though..=b


I went home on foot too. Passing though Bras Basah and then Little India, Serangoon to Balestier.. Of course I enjoyed the colourful and lively streets of Little India. The lights are all up in preparation for our Hindu brothers and sisters’ celebration of Deepavali , a holiday!=)



The next day, (Oct 30) after I had my stiches removed, I went to Singapore Art Museum. The ticket  I purchased the day before included a day pass to SAM and Peranakan Museum too. Surprisingly, SAM is huge. It doesn’t look as huge from the outside. It was my first time there and I kept on getting lost. Collections were housed in two different buildings.

My personal favourite was the gallery “Not Against Interpretation: Untitled” . It housed some pieces without titles and visitors were encouraged to look, interpret and provide suggestions on how to name the piece (fun! I like the panties painting, looked real. I forgot who the artist is though) ; Part of Singapore Biennale 2013, “the Monument for a Present Future”, which featured a captivating video during the Maguindanao Massacre and human fragments which were symbolizing human rights victims during the Martial Law;

“the Monument for a Present Future”

and lastly, the “Peace can Be Realized Without Peace and Order”, an entrancing interactive diorama animation. Like a drug, it hypnotized me. I didn’t want to leave!

I went back home, following the same route as the day before. I shall be visiting Peranakan Museum soon, if I’ve free time. Save the best for last. Haha Need to spend more time in there, that’s why.

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Neurotic Health-care Professional who enjoys sleeping, running, reading, introspecting, pole art and exploring new things and sometimes, places!
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