Realizations after an Adversity

In times of adversities, I am always humbled. I kept on forgetting the fact that I am indeed just human, a helpless human.  I am an independent woman most of the time and due to this perception of false independence, I keep on assuming that if “ I ask for help, I am weak.”  I am a woman who’s continuously swimming in the deep sea of seclusion and pride. I constantly thought I will be able to survive with or without others. Until another adversity happens.

Adversities open my otherwise covered eyes to the fact that I am not a superhero. Misfortunes always remind me that there’s nothing wrong in asking for help and that most people are willing and happy to offer a hand.

I, most of the time feel that I am indispensable and others need me more than I need them but most of the time, when hard lucks happen, I would realize then again that I am wrong. I need God, I need others too!

Humility is something I am not a master of.  Pride overtakes every time my life is still and tranquil as a lake. “Huh, I can be alone, I am happy to be alone.” . Then I’d accidentally step on a quicksand and I go deeper into the mire that would make me panic and finally cry out for help and then, in just one blink, someone reaches out a hand to assist me. I am back to my human-ness. I am levelled to the ground once again.

Without these mistakes and adversities my feet are always floating unto the cloud of thoughts that I am better than most people. I am always assuming I am right, always proud,  self-gratified with my false happiness brought about by wrong sense of success.

Yeah, false happiness is what I feel when I am successful and I did it by myself. I am surprised to realize that overcoming an adversity with people who cares and loves me sincerely would make me even more ecstatic. It makes me happier, more accomplished yet humbled.

Adversities makes me bring my feet back to the ground, where people I care about the most and people who loves me back are located, waiting for me to just humbly ask for their help.

I am only human and I need God, I need others. I can never live and survive alone and with this realization, indeed, I know, I will never be alone!=)

About Miss_Pia

Neurotic Health-care Professional who enjoys sleeping, running, reading, introspecting, pole art and exploring new things and sometimes, places!
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