When should these stubborn ladies stop?

Or continue?

She’s Asian and he’s from the West. She saw him four years ago and she just can’t get him off her system. She likes him, so much that she investigated every single detail about him, sent him gifts and added him in almost all the networking sites available in the planet.

She exposes herself to him every single day because of the theory that proximity and constant exposure to the person you like may create positive outcomes, he might like her back. Finally, she decided to ask him out. He said no and despite the rejection still, she continuous to like him obsessively.

She’s Asian and he’s from the West. She met him at work. They kind of flirted with each other a little bit. They went out a couple of times but he had to go back home. They exchanged emails and texts. She’s always excited if he replies and devastated every time he wouldn’t. Most of the time, in the middle of an interesting email exchange, he would just stay quiet and stop replying.  She tries to initiate interesting conversations with him but unfortunately, most of the time, they elicit the same “suddenly-quiet” response.

She’s Asian. He’s Asian. They met each other from one personal development class and she found him very interesting. He had to go away for a year and she never saw him again after the class ended. She added him in Facebook and tries her best to stay in contact with him through this method, liking every possible post he may have added and tried her very best conversing with him. There were good and bad times. She likes him badly but, the way the chats are going, she feels like she’s the only one interested to get to know him a little bit better.

She’s Asian. He’s Asian. She met him few years ago, back in their hometown. Both are working overseas, separately. Sadly, they are separated by time and space.  She thought they might have been a couple. She loved him only to realize that he has another woman from his workplace. She still continues to love him despite this fact.

She’s Asian. He’s Asian. She met him in school. They are hanging out (or dating). They are texting constantly and they still can’t seem to figure out if they are a couple or not. Both parties can’t say anything directly. She likes him though; she’s just not very sure if he feels the same way. Who would know?

Should they continue or stop hoping? Should they exert more effort? When can they say that they’ve done enough and that’s it?  When can they really stop saying “I will not do anything anymore. I’ll wait for him to make a move” and then, take their words back just after a few minutes?

Stubborn Women!

Disclaimer:Characters involved in this entry are all fictional.:)

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Neurotic Health-care Professional who enjoys sleeping, running, reading, introspecting, pole art and exploring new things and sometimes, places!
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