A short love story, in Stockholm, Just in my head…

Title: Love, for a while

Near the port, I sat wondering,

Will this place’s history be wildering?

What are the things I would be learning?

What new insights, back home,  I would be bringing?

Seated on the bench, I was looking at the sky,

Cold wind swiftly touching my face until it dries

Peripherally, I felt someone watching,

I looked and I saw you staring

The way you looked almost melted my cold heart

Suddenly, the world’s motionless

I almost felt the sun rays

It blew me a brief kiss

My wait was over,

That fact I couldn’t cover.

Literally, the boat arrived

God’s will, you boarded the same vessel as mine

Once again, sideway looks wasn’t possible

You were seated where I could view the whole of you, so admirable

I was ecstatic and my hands were cold

The history I was expecting to learn, didn’t sink in my head well

My imagination started running like a movie

It was the future, funny, with you.

The boat parked and we came ashore,

I couldn’t get my eyes off you.

I sighed out of exasperation, I was desperate.

Would I see you again!?

I sat on one bench, creating a plan,

Where should I go next?

Suddenly, that cold stare, I could almost feel

Stroke back, you were seated on another bench

Glancing one more time,

God, I wanted to talk to you

Courage just hasn’t gotten into my system yet

You moved away like a lightning so fast

I knew,  I would never see you again.

I headed to the building at the heart of the city,

Again, blessed, hailed my God,

You were there too.

I saw you, you looked at me…I knew…you…saw..me..too

While walking along the building’s exquisite hall

I could only see us

Dancing and gliding,

Sweeping our feet in every corners of the ballroom.

Moving to the staircase,

It was wide and they said, the queen would look at the star symbol

On the right side, and elegance she would exude

I stared at you, not at the star…only at you.

I was the queen; you were my king, at least at that moment

As we enter into the hall of gold,

the golden walls didn’t sparkle, no.

Your eyes did nonetheless,

Your smile glistened

As if it’s the most expensive mineral in the room,

Angels were singing for us, all together

After an hour, we had to part our ways again

Again, I knew I would never see you.

I was praying for otherwise to happen though.

I was hoping, wishful thinking

Calling the saints,

I wanted to see you again.

They were non responsive!

Indeed it was a long day.

I was ready to rest my retiring senses.

Prepared to see you just in my dreams

As I brought myself to my humble resting place,

A glimpse of a boy who looked just like you stood before me

A boy who looked like you?

No. It was you.

Of all the beds in the city,

We were under the same roof, same place, and same location. Again.

Soul mates, maybe

You saw me, I scratched my eyes, like hallucination, thinking you would disappear.

You didn’t.

I saw you. We were both wondering?

How’s this possible?

Until the time my body retired,

My mind could not construe and resolve what just occurred

Was it fate?luck? or a sign?

The sun slowly appeared in the sky.

I needed to go out and wash orally as per usual.

I came down from my bunk

And tiptoed to the washroom.

By reflex, I opened the door heedlessly.

There was an angel outside.

Walking pass through me.

We were alone in that empty corridor.

Just like a happy dream, I didn’t want to wake up.

But in half a minute, your silhouette disappeared

You went away, I went my way.

Never again our fates would meet, I knew that time.

Stamped. Finality it was.

That night I had to leave.

Another place, different experience,

But your memory couldn’t just go away.

My short love story, in Stockholm,

Just in my head…

the boy

About Miss_Pia

Neurotic Health-care Professional who enjoys sleeping, running, reading, introspecting, pole art and exploring new things and sometimes, places!
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