Scandinavia: Summary of observations


People: Denmark, very helpful. They follow traffic rules. We’ve met few crazy (literally) people nevertheless they weren’t harmful. They were funny actually.

Guys: Norway, I’m drooling just by remembering

Shopping for gifts: Stockholm, I find that it’s the cheapest among the 4 countries

Easiest to navigate: ALL except for Helsinki

Overall favorite: Norway because I got to experience their nature!=D Filipinos in Norway are also very friendly, unlike in Singapore. They’re all very excited to meet fellow Filipinos along the way.

 Other Stuff: Scandinavians were generally, attractive people both physically and personality-wise. They love dogs and they routinely walk them, which I truly admire. The weather really sucked though. One had to prepare all kinds of outfit for different types of weather conditions. Rain was unpredictable, therefore, make sure you’ll bring an umbrella or poncho with you when you decide to travel during summer time. Anyway, I loved this trip despite its many set backs.=)

wardrobe confusion?

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4 Responses to Scandinavia: Summary of observations

  1. Ron Scubadiver says:

    I thought the bicyclists in Copenhagen were unusually rude.

    • Miss_Pia says:

      hi! thanks for dropping by..hmm, for me, they were okay, but of course, there were few occasions when its different. Esp when we accidentally walk along the bike lanes and block they’re territory! Generally, I thought they were fine, but then again, I was only there for 2days.=)

  2. Ron Scubadiver says:

    Yeah, it’s those accidental incursion into bike lanes that drives them ballistic. Someone told me they are famous for it.

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