Dubai, UAE in two hours

18 Aug 2013

As mentioned, Emirates provide free visa and accommodation for their passengers stopping over more more than 8-hours. We were able to avail of this benefit. We stayed at Copthorne Airport Hotel, free of charge for a night.

 Knowing my and Joyce’s spirit, we decided to take a quick tour package of the city from the hotel lobby. It was 40SGD for a quickie 2-hr trip around Dubai.

 We passed by the Burj Dubai, Burj Al-Arab, Palm Island,  Jumeirah Beach, Jumeirah Mosque, and Palaces of public officials. There were huge constructions happening almost everywhere. It could probably be a sign on how progressive this city is. It was surprising that Dubai, has made their dessert land look like a tropical vegetated land.


Dubai, UAE

 I loved their bus stops for its all air-conditioned. I loved the idea of having centers for education, which was called Knowledge village, Medical Village for medicine and lot more. According to Anwar, the driver/tour guide, as of the moment, employees in Dubai didn’t have to pay tax but it’ll all change soon.

 Dubai felt like Manila because from the airport, to the hotel, to the beach, there were a lot of Filipinos. Foreign talents usually work for private companies because only Locals can get employed in government owned facilities and according to Anwar, they would normally, earn a lot.

 According to him, it’s also impossible for foreigners to obtain Citizenship there. He was already working there for 20yrs and still contractual. Foreign men, despite married to local women wouldn’t be able to get citizenship, but foreign women married to local men, could get citizenship after having at least 3 children with the man, he added.

 We’ll I am happy for my kababayans for being able to get jobs there. I’m actually very proud of them. But, would I consider working there? Hmm maybe NO.

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