Two weeks Scandinavian Holiday Plan and visa

I have collected our passports with Schengen visa yesterday, and they still granted us 15 days. I have a friend who was given a year. Hays, anyway, she applied through a different Schengen state.

Despite we wanted things to be as spontaneous as possible, we just couldn’t do it coz part of the requirements was to make a plan; we had to show our detailed itinerary. So, we spent a week of sleepless nights just to come up with a good, affordable itinerary;

We came up with SG>Denmark > Norway>Sweden>Finland>Denmark>SG.

Here’s the detailed plan and itinerary;



A while ago, I went to change money for the trip and surprisingly, due to the rarity of people needing it, I had a hard time looking for a changer that has the 4 Scandinavian countries’ currency. Luckily, they had it at Basement 2 Mustafa.

And for souvenir, I had to take photos of these currencies; I am not sure when will I ever get hold of them again;

danish krone
norwegian krone
swedish krona
finland euros

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2 Responses to Two weeks Scandinavian Holiday Plan and visa

  1. We went to Norway and Sweden earlier this year in March – beautiful countries, but yes, extremely expensive! I hope you had a good time!

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