Well, this idea kept on bugging me the whole night and I could not really suppress myself from writing something about this.

Yesterday, I dressed up so casually for church, wearing just my usual negativitee shirt, an alibaba pants from Bali and  a  pair of slippers. In practice, I sang with all my heart for God ,and God alone, not for anyone else. After the practice, someone told me off in a courteous way, “you’re wearing slippers…” (I thought, “I know”) “Next time cannot”. I answered, “yeah it was raining heavily a while ago.” she said, “that’s not an excuse”.

Maybe it’s not an excuse for someone with abundant number of shoes, which I don’t have. Early this year, I decided to throw away some of my shoes (and other things) because I decided to finally detach myself from material things and just to stick to the basic and essentials. At home, I’m only left with shoes made of cloth material, and using it during rainy times isn’t very ideal. I only have one non-cloth everyday office shoes which happened to be in the office all the time,hence, I used slippers. Reasonable exuse? at least for me?

After the celebration, another person told me off, “next time, cannot…” argh! I mean, I was wearing covered attire, decent and all, but they just can’t stop noticing my slippers? What about all the other things I’ve done right?

God won’t care if I’m wearing the cheapest slippers, I’m sure of that.

What happened to the teaching, “detach yourself from material and earthly things and follow me?”, what happened to “be inclusive” stuff they’re preaching? Even God will not judge until someone’s life is over, isn’t it? So what’s with humans that they just couldn’t stop from doing so?

Few weeks ago, I heard a story from a friend. We have a new member and one of the older members bluntly told her that her perfume was too strong. I mean, small stuff like that could wait right? Until the newbie is more comfortable with us, and if every week, her scent still bothers them, they can confidentially and politely tell her about it?

I don’t hate religion. I am actually a believer that God really exists and I am grateful that I have been blessed by him every single day. What I don’t like is, some types of people it creates. Too avid that they’re blinded by man-made rules and regulations and most of the time, they fail to realize the real theological meaning of things. Sometimes, instead of causing inclusion, it creates division, instead of equality, it creates stereotypes and discrimination, instead of peace and unity, it creates war and terrorism?

Is it because humans interpreted some of the things erroneously? Nowadays, it’s hard to isolate man-made rules from what the “real teachings” are supposed to be and it’s frustrating….

What’s going on human beings? I thought we’re smarter than that?

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Neurotic Health-care Professional who enjoys sleeping, running, reading, introspecting, pole art and exploring new things and sometimes, places!
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