Minor Confession Session

I have a confession to make and it will probably make you think my way of thinking’s stuck to some pre-technological era.

My family wasn’t well off. My parents worked hard, saved, spent wisely and majority of our expenses were for our studies. They wanted us to graduate from a well-known university therefore they had to pay the price for it. Never were they financially indebted to other people except from one of our closest relative.

They were financially wise and being brought up like that, made me what I am now. I hate debts. In fact, if I have enough money to buy what I want, I would purchase it, if not, I’ll save for it. I was never a fan of using instalment plans or credit cards. I always use cash, that way I know, I spent and I will not forget that I did.

I am uncertain if it is because I am ‘stingy and uptight’ (as one of my friends termed it) and wise (as some people does) that’s why I always have enough cash to pay for what I want or it is just because of the fact, that I am always blessed to have enough cash at the right time, all along?

My mom once said that even when I was younger, if I need something, they would always have enough money to spend for me while it’s always the opposite for my sister. They always have extra money to celebrate my birthdays, while they had to work harder to celebrate my sister’s. That was why when we were younger; my sister thought she was adopted. Haha

Anyway, back to my confession; as mentioned, I am not a big fan of credits or credit cards, not even post-paid telecommunication gadgets and plans, (I prefer prepaid). Therefore, I have not used my credit card ever for a non-online transaction, until yesterday. Yey. It was breakthrough for me. If not for booking flights and runs/races, I wouldn’t want to acquire a credit card.

There it is, I used it yesterday to buy my friend’s birthday cuppies because the shop’s NETTS’ not functional therefore, I had no choice but to use it for the first time and honestly speaking, I was clueless on how to use it prior to yesterday! Haha there! It’s all out!

Yes. I know it sounded a bit (or a lot) lame and moronic but I’m still not using it again for a non-online transaction. I don’t want to owe people money! Haha

About Miss_Pia

Neurotic Health-care Professional who enjoys sleeping, running, reading, introspecting, pole art and exploring new things and sometimes, places!
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