Realizations after Mt. Pulag trip and a week-long holiday with family

24 May – 2 Jun 2013

Well, looking at the ethereal view that Mt.Pulag had to offer somehow, made me think. Its natural beauty was too much to take in. The view was just awesome. (that’s an understatement)

From that Pulag trip up to the end of my holiday I was just wondering, why am I so blessed? I am blessed to be given great opportunities all the time. Being healthy enough and able to see such beautiful places, always having enough to do what I want to do, always getting support from family and friends on things I feel like doing, etc. Maybe, I attract positive energy? I don’t know.

Anyway, this gratefulness inside of me, has been bugging me; to give something back to the human race. I don’t exactly know how to start but I started something anyway; I started on something basic and essential this year;

Every time I’d send remittance to my parents, I would allot extra 100sgd to help anyone (relatives, neighbours, strangers) in need. I asked my parents to decide on who they think are most deserving. They can divide it the way they want it. Luckily, they are quite supportive on this mini-project I initiated and based on what my parents reported, a number of people has benefited from this already.

In an effort to live simply and humbly, I decided to de-clutter once again. I gave away some of the stuff I don’t use and need which actually included stuff with sentimental value to me. It’s in line with my goal to detach myself more on material things because now , the following principles are always in my head; ‘I will not be able to bring these things when I die’ and ‘Every earthly things are temporary, what’s permanent is your legacy’.

Now that I mentioned about legacy, let’s touch on it as well. I DON’T want to live a life like everyone else does. I don’t want just to wait for other people to make things better for me. I want to change the world. I want to inspire people to start change as well, just like what Mahatma Ghandi said “be the change that you wish to see in the world”

I don’t know, but what I want to do is clearer now. I’m not aspiring to be a politician, which are most of the time, observed as people who give empty promises. I want to start change, to give back and to create a legacy that will inspire people to initiate change too.

I can’t even say if I am, in fact, deserving of all the gifts I’m receiving, and due to this cynicism, I feel even more indebted, hence obliged to do SOMETHING in return, not just for my family, the community but also for my own need of self-actualization. I will never be happy if I will not do something about it……Seems selfishly motivated but that’s the truth, I always feel a little happier when I am able to complete something.

To end this senseless ranting, I promise, to you and to myself that I will be initiating a project soon, something bigger and I shall keep you updated…


These are my thoughts while trying to decide if I should take MRT or taxi to go home when I arrived yesterday. It took me a while to resolve which mode of transportation to use. I walked back and forth like a crazy woman searching for something.

Finally, I decided to just to take MRT and to get immersed as soon as possible to the hustles and bustles of Singapore hence; won’t have time to feel melancholy and miss home for now.
Souvenir Pic from Mt. Pulag, Benguet, Philippines

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