Soul and Happy

There’s a war in our village.
Everyone’s taking refuge in all possible corners and concretes.
I was running, spinning and hanging,
from pole to pole and electric cables like spider(wo)man
Until I reached a small hut, with about seven individuals
They were strangers and we all thought we were safe there
Until a man suddenly appeared out of nowhere
He was a suicide bomber.
He removed the pin, it exploded.
I externally observed my flesh flew and scattered all over the place
Burned and barbequed, we all were.

I felt scared. But I travelled to heaven.
Upon entering the door, the gatekeeper gave me few hours to visit everyone I want to visit
He said I have to come back on time otherwise, the gate would close
I wouldn’t be able to enter for the night.
He said, every day, we’d be given a few hours to visit anyone.

War was over. I visited my mom and dad in our house.
They were crying. I felt bad and I wanted to hug them.
They just passed through me.
I wanted to wipe their tears but they couldn’t feel me.
But they said, they know I was around.

I walked around the village. Nobody seemed to notice me.
This was how it felt to be nobody, a soul, plain nothing.
I forgot about the time.
I rushed back to heaven.
The gate was closed, unfortunately.
I had to wait until it reopens in the morning.

While waiting, I thought about the life I lived and accepted it.
Indeed, I lived a happy life.
I accepted my death full-heartedly.
From a depressed soul, I felt I became more positive.
I decided to join my parents in all their doings, every day-outs I had.

Years passed. They moved on.
They went to an excursion.
My mum was in the front seat, while my dad’s driving as usual.
I sat in between them. I Hugged them both.
I rested my head on my mum’s shoulder.
She moved and seemed to hug me back.
I was happy. It felt so good!

So that’s how it felt to be dead, to be a soul. I don’t know exactly why but I was happy.

My dream last night.

About Miss_Pia

Neurotic Health-care Professional who enjoys sleeping, running, reading, introspecting, pole art and exploring new things and sometimes, places!
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