Energizer Night Trail Run 2013

11 May 2013

energizer trail run 18km route

This was my first night trail run. Well, not very sure how to start this entry because the experience and feeling was so ‘awesome’.haha

From Woodlands MRT exit C, the organizers provided free bus service to Long Asrama, where the race flag off point would be. Upon entering the location, there were fun activities for those kiddos who participated in the obstacle races. There were also free stuff, lots of them, like the most common, fruits (apples and bananas), free flow of cold milo, and unlimited supply of ice cream, all for FOC…

There were booths for sale as well but of course, I didn’t really check on them anymore. There was a photo booth which I only found out after the race. I was so exhausted I decided not to check it out, free or not, I couldn’t tell, but queue was long.

Few meters from the carnival was the flag off point. The race started on time. The 18km runners were flagged first.

interesting personalities and flag off

Ok, one phrase to describe the run. OMG! The trail was hilly. My entire lower limb went on a workout. As soon as I was getting used to one particular movement, the inclination would change again and my legs and knees had to re-adjust one more time, and this happened all throughout the route.

For the first few kilometers, I started off very slow and tell you, it was not by choice, it was because I was already feeling some aches in my quadriceps (upper thigh muscles). But after my brief lubricating and oiling period, my legs moved like a geered-up robotic machine again. Running up-hill was fine, while running down-slopes were hell-ish, especially to my patella. It was painful. Another, ’what have I gotten myself into?’ moment. haha

Trail was mostly covered with gravel which was ,for me, a bit uncomfortable because I could feel them into my feet and for many occasions, I kicked these small rocks, which was painful or I tripped onto them. There were some puddles but the most unexpected part was that one steep ,about 60’, slope whereby, we needed to make use of a rope to ascend. That was part was fun. I grinned while getting into that. I know, it was rest time because running was impossible there, and was not very safe too. My muscles were massacred, in a good way.=b

We also passed by very narrow path where in vegetation on both sides were taller than us, I thought that was cool. At some point of the trail, I found myself running by myself in the dark. Good thing believed the instructions to bring the torchlight. I almost didn’t bring because I thought, it shouldn’t be ‘that’ dark, but, surprisingly, it was. At the back of my mind, I was asking myself, ‘Im alone, is the race over’? Haha

There were markers every kilometre. Drinking stations were abundant, every 2km, if I’m not mistaken and at one stop, they gave away energy chews. I guess this was among the few races where in, instead of feeling exhausted and out of energy, I finished with a happy tummy. I was full! Haha.

Well, I finished the race happy, as always. I wonder if it’s a good idea to make use of that trail in daylight as well. It must be a different kind of experience. Love it!!!! I’ll definitely be back next year as it was such a unique experience. Thanks and congrats organizers!

bib medal and my sweaty shirt

happy tummy after the race

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