Keeping myself sane

  1. Wake up, face the sunrise and think of things that you consider a blessing. Be grateful that you are still breathing and is able to open your eyes to start up a brand new day. Think of things you have that other people, in other places, might not have, like comfortable bed to sleep on, water to bathe with, towel to dry yourself with etc
  2. Most important meal of the day is breakfast. A good breakfast means ‘happy mood’. Always have enough time to eat breakfast pleasurably and while you do, be grateful. Avoid wasting food because every grain of rice or piece of bread is a farmer’s drop of sweat. Again, be grateful to them!
  3. Don’t take crowded buses or trains. Rushing and pushing will make the start of your day infuriating and annoying. If there are other non-crowded train or bus options that would require you to have a bit of walk, take that. You would feel more positive at the same time, you will burn off some of the calories you consumed during breakfast, your heart will be pumping, and endorphin (happy hormone) will play its part.
  4.  At work, greet everyone ‘good morning’. It’s going to somehow, make other people’s day at the same time, the more you keep on hearing yourself and others say that back to you, the more you can inculcate and instil in your mind the ‘good’ (things)  in the morning. Our brain will then believe, yeah, the morning is indeed good!
  5. Just do it, whatever task it is at hand. Think that these tasks are just assignments in school where by, it’s difficult but it’s meant for you to get something from it. Every encounter, though they may look the same, will be different; hence, every task or job will leave us with a different learning experience and in some cases, virtues. Tip : Always Keep an open mind and recognize.
  6. Choose wisely. Choose when to listen (vs hear), when to talk and when to see. Avoid negative people, they might drag you down with them however, apathy is discouraged. Learn how to care (listen, talk and see) from the heart and sincerely, as in Desiderata, ‘do not feign affection’. Do not pretend you’re ok if you’re obviously not. When, you’re all centred and ready, at your own pace, be kind to others.
  7. Comparing what you have and don’t have is like suicide. The only thing you are destroying is yourself, and oh..your esteem. If your boss gives you more tasks, be thankful because it only means he trusts you more and there will be more opportunities for you to learn something new. If your boss doesn’t give you anything to work into, still be thankful, at least you can rest for a while.  Excessive free time should be considered idleness though, if it keeps on happening, find something to do, or find a new job. By the way, in addition, embrace changes; it will help you become more resilient! Eventually, you will learn how to face anything without sweat!
  8. Slowly, at lunch time, take your time and savour the dish you are having. A good meal can always make a bad day better. Take a power nap ,if you can or drink your favourite coffee while reading a good book.
  9. Back to work, still, don’t sweat the small stuff, avoid garbage trucks, and follow the secret, stay positive. Lastly, be grateful (still) for the food you just had and a job that helps you sustain your everyday needs! Just be grateful. Look for people who are positive and find inspirations. They’re everywhere, just keep your eyes open.
  10. After work, PLAY,  make it a point to exercise or do some physical activities, if possible different stuff every time. Be a’ jack of all trades and master of none’. If you keep on doing the same routines every day, you will feel bored. Be just a little child longing to play and learn something new every day. Remember that life starts to get boring when they reach adulthood where in everything becomes a routine, and is repetitive.  Once a ‘play’ becomes a routine, it becomes a job and when it becomes a job, it becomes boring. So play with different toys every day. Who cares if you’ll do krav maga or pole dancing at 40 years plus? Anyway, everything is temporary in this world. They might laugh at you at first, but surely, they’ll forget about it sooner or later.
  11. Avoid, if you can, to bring workloads at home. Home is supposed to be a place where in your mind is at peace.
  12. Take a cooling shower, lie to bed consciously. In bed, do not bring books or technological stuff that would make you fall asleep unknowingly. There’s a psychological effect of sleeping without really ‘choosing to sleep’. Personally, it can make me feel out of control and unsatisfied the next day.
  13. I just can’t stop emphasizing, be grateful and express it all the time, anyway, its free.


About Miss_Pia

Neurotic Health-care Professional who enjoys sleeping, running, reading, introspecting, pole art and exploring new things and sometimes, places!
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