A Sound Hope, An Anthology on Cochlear Implantation in the Philippines

 a sound hope

I wanted to write an article about my profession for some writing competition,  hence, to inspire myself a little bit, I decided  to read this booklet.This booklet is just about the journey of a number of Filipino hearing impaired patients and their families back to the hearing world.

Of course, my favourite lines;

“Sam is God’s special gift to our family. She is really special. Imagine other children can hear with their own pair of ears. Sam cannot hear with hers but God used other people and a special technology to let her hear. Isn’t she special.” Pg 12

“Just as what the ancient Chinese philosopher Confucius said, ‘A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.’” – pg29

“My favourite word is not ‘sorry’ (coz she couldn’t hear) anymore, but ‘thank you.’ Thank you Thank you Lord!”- pg42

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