Happy Stairs

Immersed in loneliness and anger
Mixed together like a bitter-sweet ice cream
Somehow the feelings are addicting
She sometimes finds it beneficial to embrace them once in a while
For that’s her only chance,
To think and redeem her sane self back

While drowned all she could hear was silence
There’s no body there, she thought!

But Oh! She wasn’t alone,
There’s someone,
There’s something,
Suddenly she can hear birds chirping
Wind blowing into the resilient leaves and grasses
Unexpectedly she can hear chatter from behind her,
There’s a fellow, armed with something dense

They walked together,
They were both drudging the stairs of pain
They said that people smile after this arduous steps

Following the track she could hear other people
Most of them gasping for air
Every step she exhaled all her pains,
Her anger’s almost depleted
Grasping every chance to hold onto the rope tightly to maintain gait,
Elated to approach the end and see what’s up there

Finally, the last few steps, she thought she can see something but,
Huh! Nothing?
Confused? Why was she smiling?
Oh! The fellow reminded her,
 She has endured, the happy stairs!=D


I had a 3-hr nature hike with kuya Noel at Bukit Timah Nature Reserve this morning.  Grateful because he let me tag along with him. We were both feeling a bit down before the hike, then slightly better after it. Oh, effects endorphin. 

happy stairs @ bukit timah nature reserve

About Miss_Pia

Neurotic Health-care Professional who enjoys sleeping, running, reading, introspecting, pole art and exploring new things and sometimes, places!
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