Heaven Sent

Alas! An angel fell from heaven,
A Mortal’s silent heart suddenly succumb from cupid’s arrow
Blinding sun rays suddenly released from the dark clouds,
Silent cries were replaced by irrepressible laughter

His wings spread out, every passer-by’s captivated
His charms were irresistibly welcoming
When he talks, he spoke only of truth
Spell bound, the mortal’s ankles were entangled by the spider web,
She couldn’t move..she got caught

She fought so hard but oh, the spider web,
The more she tussled the more she’s entwined
Around her waist, her body,
Her sanity!

Abruptly, her brightness turned opaque
Her soundness at the verge of being thrown into the cliff
Ridiculously, unreasonably, immorally foolish

The angel belonged to the heavens,
She knew he couldn’t stay long,
She knew she couldn’t embrace
For if she even tries she’ll be damned
For ever.

At first, she couldn’t understand,
Why every time she tried to hold, he disappeared
She now knows…
She saw him walking the staircase a while ago
Going away, Going back to the heavens, his reality
She comprehended…

Up there, the powerful beings, gave her a gift,
Though temporary, his enticing rays,
The gift of sunshine,
it inspired her.
She never had that in while.
Indeed, he was heaven sent!

About Miss_Pia

Neurotic Health-care Professional who enjoys sleeping, running, reading, introspecting, pole art and exploring new things and sometimes, places!
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2 Responses to Heaven Sent

  1. Mrs. Corr says:

    Did u made this yourself?

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