Self-Leadership Programme Experience: Day Three

Day three: Goal: Servant Leadership / Action Planning

First activity was to list down 10 blessings we had that morning , an activity that encapsulated the virtue of gratitude. I know…I am blessed and always thankful!=)

We summed up questions regarding the Big 5 Profile, then, we sat in the quietness of the room trying to envision our work and family life 5 years from now with help of Dennis’ hypnotic narration. We then had a group discussion about it.

Are those things in our mind possible? Yes, as long as I would continuously think about it just like the technique thought in the book “The Secret”.

Also, in groups,  we discussed about the contents of the Book “The Servant as Leader” by Robert Greenleaf.  I shall separately write something about this book.

After lunch, he made us watch a 26minutes clip about loving one’s work entitled “For the love of it” by Dewitt Jones. This was my favourite part of the 3-day workshop. It was an eye opener. Dewitt was talking to me. I hated that I had to watch it NOW, when I am having this state of mind (wanting to do something new). Here’s an incomplete copy of the vid;

My favourite part of the video was the part when the Ole, called his cabbages, “my children”. It touched me. It made me feel like calling my patients, my children too. I also liked the concepts of making our vocation our advocation and if we want to love what we do, surround ourselves with people who love what they do. Ahhhh…. I loved the video.

We were then asked to draw the future we envisioned our lives to be 5 years from now (morning activity) and paired up with another person to discuss how will we be able to attain our visions based on creative tension model by answering the questions what can we do? And what will we do?

We own our vision. It’s always up to us to make it happen!=)

5 years from now vision

To close the Workshop we were asked to discuss what touched us and what inspired us.

I loved the workshop. It made me reflect a lot about myself and my life. Did I really get to identify my purpose? NAH…but I’ll sure figure it out….in the near future. In the meantime, because of the workshop, I AM 70% HAPPIER THAN I WAS LAST WEEK and to that I AM THANKFUL! Cheers!

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