If a conversation goes like this, what else can one say?

Cheapo (C) noticed that Richie (R) was wearing a different hairstyle the other day, she asked:

C: is that your real hair?

R: Yes. I went for our company party yesterday. I had it fixed. I went to my usual hairdresser for my hair and make-up. Quite expensive though but she’s very good.  Every time we’d have events like this, I’d go to her because she can really do make-up for any theme and occasion.

R showed her photo taken from the party.

C: You looked so pretty. What was the theme?

R: Theme was masquerade. I rented out my costume from this shop at Choo Jiat (?).  
It’s quite pricey lah. Range is from 80-120, but it included everything already. Yeah, it’s a bit expensive but the thing is, you don’t have to wash the costumes after use.

C: You looked nice. You must have won the best costume award?

R: No. I didn’t. For people with higher ranks,  no matter how beautiful you wear, you will never win. They will just give it to those lower ranking people like the teachers because they all think, we can already afford, no need for us to win anything. Every year it’s the same; higher ranking people never win only lower ranks do.

C: At least nominated?

R: Yeah lah. Nominated got but never win. I think I might have lost 3kg, couldn’t eat coz the dress was too tight and it was extremely hot.I was so hungry after the party. Some more I needed to sing so I really can’t eat much. They put my number at the end of the program because they said my number’s nice nice mah, must put at the end for finale

C was already speechless. :b

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Neurotic Health-care Professional who enjoys sleeping, running, reading, introspecting, pole art and exploring new things and sometimes, places!
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