Badboys Australia Night @Attica

20 April 2013

Have you seen the movie Magic Mike? I did. The storyline sucked but the characters’ bodies rocked.

Last night we went to Attica, Clarke Quay to see Badboys Australia. I wouldn’t usually go to shows like these despite persistent invitations from my friend Yani but for a change, I said yes this time.  Yani had watched men of Chippendales and Thunder from Down Under, hence, she’s  a very experienced viewer. On the other hand, it’s the first time for me, the uptight auntie (that’s my Alias according to Yani).

Stage was small and surprisingly, crowd comprised mostly of young, sexy and beautiful women, and a pinch of men, just like my friend Eros. I had this misconception that mostly, audience would be gays and old women looking for some temporary boy-let entertainment, but I was wrong. Haha

Anyway, we waited anxiously, slightly scared to find out what’s about to happen. Finally, the show started..late. Only three men could fit concurrently on the stage. As per usual, they would start with wearing costumes like Firemen, SWAT, soldiers etc then gradually taking innumerable layers of clothing until they’re left with their underwear, while dancing to a wide genre of beats from fast to slow where in,  fast meant they’re still dressed to slow,  on their underwear.

Well-chiselled bodies, cute boyish smiles and slightly (sorry) moronic choreography were their combo last night. Anyway, their Adonis looking bodies were enough for us to drool for, just ignore the dance steps..haha

After the show, two of the Badboys stayed back for some photo taking. We managed to snap with them and then we danced the night away.

At about 2am, I called it a night.

Fun and crazy night! Wooohh…

badboys australia

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