Rowing to wellness: First Dragon Boat Experience

23 Mar 2013

Yesterday, Me and my friend Rachel went to Kallang Water Sport Center, to try on doing something a little bit different. This time, we tried an activity organized by U Sport,  Dragonboat experience/recruitment drive.

Considering that I am not a very good swimmer, in fact I’m not even sure if I’d be able to float in deep/open waters, it took me quite a while to decide whether I want to or not to try a water sport. I feared that the boat might just accidentally flip, I might die. It was a relief to know that with this sport, it’s a requirement to wear Personal Floating Device/ life Vest.

We met at Kallang MRT and patiently looked for the place which was quite difficult to find but anyway, we managed to do so.

They taught us several things like;

3 parts of the paddle; namely, handle, shaft, blade.

Command; Paddles up, Go, etc ect. ( Haha that’s all I remember as of writing.=D)

Proper movement in rowing. We first did land training then water training;

T – twist; bury the paddle

C- Catch

P- Pull; moving the water

E- exit

R- Recover

Well, it was quite an experience. I’ve always feared waters, but yesterday, I didn’t even think I was in it. I’ve seen the river and the landmarks around it many times, but yesterday, I saw it in an extremely different way/view. I touched, I bathed and I got wet!

Would I take this seriously? Maybe. We’ll see.


Thinking about the experience makes me smile because few days ago, I just had a question in mind, “when was the last time I did something new?”

Well, actually, every time I am having a great time, with great people and activities, I always have this thing in mind that ‘I should have tried / done this earlier on’. Fun activities makes me reminisce about the times when my world was still revolving around one person, always looking at my phone, waiting in front of my PC at home. Back then, I literally spent most of my time passively waiting for him.  Honestly, I somehow regret that I did that to myself. There’s nobody else to blame but myself. Ahh!

Now it’s all different; before, I chose to make one person my world…now, the whole world’s my playground! wohoo I’m just trying to console myself with ‘better late than never’ mantra. I’m enjoying so much that I can’t anymore imagine myself getting roman-tic with another guy! (Oops…mum will kill me..) but of course,  God’s will be done. If he wants me stay single for life, I won’t mind at all. I am HAPPY.=D

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Neurotic Health-care Professional who enjoys sleeping, running, reading, introspecting, pole art and exploring new things and sometimes, places!
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