Folk Tales from Nepal – Kesar Lall

I recently decided to get books or booklets from places I’d be visiting. It started last year and for our visit in Nepal, this is the book-let I purchased to represent the country in my dream/plan to set my very own library in the future.;)

As the title implies, the booklet’s a compilation of folktales from Nepal. I noticed that most of their tales involved deception and trickery.
My personal favourite was “The Worm that Ate Stone”. It was a story about a man, who tried to help the King of Patan destroy a splendid stone pillar in Bhaktapur by pretending and telling everyone that there’s a worm trapped inside the pillar and it’s eating up the beautifully chiselled stone. The news flew and the spread up to the king. Upon knowing about this, the King of Bhaktapur decided to “break it” and find out the truth. The envy kingdom of Patan was successful. The king of Bhaktapur was tricked to break and destroy something beautiful because everyone else in his kingdom believed the rumour.

Lesson: Rumours can destroy good things.

Well, reading the booklet was such a joy and was very entertaining. Stories can often trigger a mix of fun and irritation.

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