W & W : Methodist Wedding

It’s the fourth wedding I’ve attended in Singapore.

1.       R and M ’s – Pinoy and Singaporean wedding (hotel)
2.       D and S’s – Indonesian and Singaporean (hotel)
3.       Shikin and Max’s – Malay Wedding (void deck)
4.       W and W’s- Singaporeans ( Methodist church)

wedding ceremony

The programme:

·         Prelude

·         Lighting of the candles

·         Processional

·         Greeting

·         Songs of praise – (fun coz everyone’s singing. There’s just one guy playing a guitar and one lady playing  the keyboards. They led the crowd to sing 3 praise songs)

·         Scripture Reading- just one reading; Mark  10:6-9

·         Exhortation – Pastor giving “homily”. He emphasized on three things;

1.       Marriage’s delivered to us from God.

2.       Keep in mind to give each other space and don’t underestimate your and your partner’s ability to make the marriage work

3.       Marriage is made to be permanent.

·         Solemnization of Marriage

·         Signing of Marriage Register

·         Blessing

·         Recessional

·         Thanksgiving

·         Photography

·         Lunch Reception- they prepared a sumptuous buffet spread for us at the church hall.


Methodist wedding was quite similar and yet different from our usual Filipino Catholic wedding. My favourite part was when the guy with guitar led the congregation to sing praise songs. I think I’d adapt that part when I get married. There’s no need to hire over-the-top and expensive choirs to sing for ‘us’, I’d just ask my closest friends to lead and sing with the crowd.  Mine should be participative. *sorry, can’t help but dream, wake up!*

While eating, they announced that Winnie would already be throwing her bouquet and summoned all single ladies to catch it. My friend effortlessly got it.  There was no need for her to wrestle and haggle with everyone else to get it,  coz everyone seemed to be embarrassed to move forward to catch it.  Yani got the bouquet plus the angpao for her prize.

bouquet throwing

Congrats W&W!=)

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2 Responses to W & W : Methodist Wedding

  1. Wendy says:

    Hi, the church wedding in the Methodist church looks beautiful. May I ask what is the name of this church? thanks.

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