Nepal: Observations and Practicalities

Well, Nepal is well known for the world's highest point, Mt Everest. I may not have plans of conquering it yet, but maybe once this lifetime I would. This visit is just for ocular inspection of the place and to see the it's feasibilty and possible logistics next time I go back for EBCs (in my dreams).=b

Anyway, despite the fact that Nepal's capital, Kathmandu is not as  well developed as some of the few capitals I've visited, its  uniqueness is somehow inviting. Maybe it's because I find Nepali men very masculine and sexy (in their leather jackets). My gaydar got switched off. Yeah I'm sure  most of my friends would disagree,  because my taste's really different when it comes to men.

We went to Kathmandu, Phokara,Nagarkot,Bhaktapur, all touristy places.  Each place share the same characteristics of instability of electric supply. Where in, every night there would be brown outs hence bringing your own flashlight would be helpful, just like what I did, just in case the generator wouldn't get switched on immediately. Charge everything you need to charge as soon as there's electricity as well.

Filipinos are not common in Nepal, hence the sight of us would normally make them say  “ ni hao ma” thinking that we were Chinese. We would normally correct them and tell them where we’re from just to let more people know that somewhere in southeast Asia, there's a country called Philippines. We were just being patriotic as always.Me and my friends are always proud to be Filipinos, despite our country's economic conditions, which by the way, is improving quite well recently.

Be careful on the streets because they might just accidentally spit on you. They spit everywhere.

In using their public transport, ask the hotel or hostel staff to write where you want to go, in English and Nepalese. Normally, bus conductors would be helpful to tell you where to alight. Taxis are a lot more expensive than local vans or buses. Taxis may cost u 300-600NPRs whereas local vans can charge minimum of 12-25nprs. Fare depends on the distance of your destination and sometimes, your color.=b Local vans and buses are usually filled up I guess, to its maximum capacity  and hold on to something especially if you’re standing because their driving’s comparable to F1 driving.;)

Well, Nepal might not be a perfect country but truly, visiting it once is not enough.:)


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