day 6: 14 Feb 2013 Bhaktapur, Nepal to New Delhi, India

We flew back to Delhi!

Valentines day and were in Delhi. We stayed at Ajanta hotel. We decided to rent a car from the hotel at 1500INrs plus we had to pay for the parking. We know that the problem with fixed city tours are usually time alloted forceach site's quite limited. Anyway, we took it because our time was limited, hence we couldn’t afford to waste it bargaining with auto-rickshaws and finding our way to the must-sees.

Our driver was a friendly Nepali man who speaks Hindi well and English that could let him get by with English speaking tourists.

First we headed to the Red Fort. Built by the same Mughal Emperor who built Taj Mahal,  Shah Jahan Entrance fee to foreigners’ 250INRs.Wow!

old delhi

red fort

We then drove to the Raj Ghat, Memorial to Mahatma Gandhi at the site of his cremation. Entrance was free. We went in together with children having their Field trip. It was crowded and they all excitedly greeted us and shook our hands. We didn’t anymore go close to the site because it was inconvenient to remove our shoes at that moment.

raj ghat

Then to Raj Path which is famous for the President’s residence and its yearly parade. From there,we stopped at India Gate. The place reminded me of Manila’s Luneta Park.

raj path


india gate

We then went to another UNESCO Heritage site, the Humayun’s tomb. Humayun’s the second Mughal Emperor and that’s all I confidently know about (Need to read more;))

humayun's tomb




Then to the Baha’i Lotus Temple;  Baha’i faith recognizes unity of God and the fundamental purpose of the religion is to promote harmony and equality among everyone regardless of the gender, wealth and other differences. Once again, we didn’t go inside because going in there meant taking off our shoes once again, which was not very convenient at that time.

baha'i lotus temple
Then we drove to another UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Qutub Complex. Entrance was again, 250INRs. I think, we weren’t able to fully maximize the fee because we arrived there late.
qutub complex

qutub minar

Our last stop was the Laxminarayan Temple, a beautiful Hindu Temple.
laxminarayan temple
At 8pm, we were exhausted and just decided to eat dinner in the hotel.
The next day would be another adventure. Train ride to Agra!

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