day 5:13 Feb 2013 Nagarkot to Bhaktapur

We woke up early for the view of the sunrise. Slowly as the sun rises, the view if the Himalayan ranges started to get clearer in the opposite side creating a breath taking panoramic view of the ranges.

sunrise at the rooftop of nagarkot besso

sunrise at the rooftop of nagarkot besso

Stayed at the rooftop for about 45min then we went for a normal continental breakfast.

For a while we prepared . Today were heading to bhaktapur, another UNESCO heritage listed site. It was said that its history goes bAck to the early 8th century and tha it used to be the capital of the whole Nepal til 12th to 15th century. it's 45 mins away from Nagarkot. Drive to Bhaktapur was winding that it made me feel sick.

Upon arriving, we had to pay 15USD for enter. Quite expensive due to the place’s overly touristy and of course, the more demand, the more expensive the commodity would be.

We headed to the guest house we booked into, Kumari guest house. Then headed for a walk.

Suddenly, a young lad approached us and asked if I wanted to hire him to bring us around the city proper. I said yes because I wouldn't want  just to walk around without knowing the stories behind all this collection of Buddhist and Hindu temples.

He initially charged 500 NPrs for a 2 hrs city walking tour but I was able to bargain down to 300 NPrs. He said he had to earn for his studies.

There were four major squares. The Durbar (royal) square, pottery square, Dattatraya square, oldest temple of the city and Taumadhi square, five roofed pagoda.

durbar square

pottery square

lakshmi's pagoda at Taumadhi square

dattatraya square

women''s activities


We then visited Thangka painting school and stores with the hope of finding a nice but cheap Mandala painting but we were unsuccessful to do so.
There are 4 main genres of Thanka: the Wheel of Life, Buddha's Life Story, Mandala, and Thankas depiciting tantric deities, either benign or menacing.
thanka painter

After 2 hrs, we were able to finish visiting the 4 squares and we were slightly bored after that.

We sat in one corner and just did a little people watching. Think,half a day’s enough for Bhaktapur if your only purpose is to sightsee. If you want to get away from all the bustles and hassles of Kathmandu, you can stay here longer and relax.  It's a loooot more peaceful there than in Kathmandu.

Checked out the art museum but they charge 100NPrs for foreigner plus 50  or 100 for camera fee. I didn't have enough Rupees hence I was not able to go in.

As of the moment, were waiting for sunset that were planning to view atop Lakshmi’s pagoda.

sunset atop lakshmi's pagoda

While waiting we, witnessed this group of people chanting about something. According to one tourist, its an NGO trying to promote something.

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