Day 4: 12 Feb 2012 Kathmandu to Nagarkot, Nepal

We were up for another trek on our fourth day. We contacted a tour company to arrange because we needed a guide to trek along these beautiful Valleys near Kathmandu. Alpine Exodus Pvt. Ltd. helped us get a good package deal at 55USD for transport to the base of the trek,  day hike guide and a room at Nagarkot.

Krishna, the owner and guide of Alpine Exodus, picked us up from the inn. We all drove for about 45 minutes to reach another UNESCO World heritage  site Changu Narayan Temple.

changu narayan temple

changu narayan temple

It was said that this temple was dedicated to  Vishnu. It houses  10 incarnations of Vishnu and other idols and statues carved all over the temple complex. Inside, the oldest script of Kathmandu valley and the temple for the Goddess Chhinnamasta of Shakti cult were also in place. It was interesting to know that this Goddess, beheaded herself, and offered her own blood to feed the hungry Dakini and Varnini. Chhinnamasta literally means the beheaded one if translated in English.

oldest inscription


From this temple, we started our cultural trek of the valleys of Kathmandu. The view along the way was breath-taking.  Village people didn’t really mind seeing strangers taking photos of their houses and their daily activities.

woman  working

houses in the valley

cactus tree



After 5hours of arduous trekking under the scorching sun, we reached Nagarkot. We immediately had lunch at Berg’s house. I ordered thukpa, noodle with soup. After the meal, we walked 15 more minutes to our accommodation, Nagarkot Besso.

The window in the room was huge and the view of the mountains, valleys and the Himalayas was ethereal. The moment I saw the view was another moment I felt so blessed to be able to visit a place as amazing as this.Hays.

view from hote

huge window

After resting we decided to go back to Berg’s and take our dinner. This time, we had momos, a famous dumpling in Nepal.


Then headed back to the hotel where in we were forced by Krishna to take some beer. Yeps, we ordered a big one and shared. It was the first time my friend has taken beer. After a few minutes of sharing stories, an American guy, W, approached our table. He said, we were the only table not busy of our tablets and phones. He’s a film maker and he’s spearheaded an NGO called Beyond the Four Walls to help women Nepal get empowered through education. His FB

We talked for a while and despite enjoying the conversation, we had to rest because we had to wake up early again the next day for another UNESCO Heritage Listed place, Bhaktapur.

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