Day 3: 11 Feb 2013 Pokhara to Kathmandu, Nepal

We had breakfast at the rooftop of our accommodation to see the amazing view of the sunrise over the Himalayas, mostly Annapurna Ranges in particular. We just had a normal breakfast with extra-ordinary view! It was slightly painful just to look and see, I wanted something more…I wanted to touch, feel, smell the ranges.  Maybe next time.

rooftop view

rooftop view

rooftop view

After breakfast, we decided to go continue with our trip to Devi’s falls (20NPrs). We took public transport going there again. The falls look ordinary but what’s unusual was, opposite the falls, there was cave converted into a temple (entrance 100NPRs) and deeper into the cave, there’s another view of the foot of the falls.

Devi's falls

cute baby at Devi's Falls

Devis Falls view from the cave

After caving, we headed for some souvenir shopping and headed back to the inn. Since we had luggage to carry, we decided just to take cab going to the airport for 3USD. It time to go back to Kathmandu.

beautiful view


We reached Kathmandu. We decided to take cab to Sacred Valley Inn, Thamel for 650NPrs. I think the Inn has 2 wings, the first room we stayed at was dark and a bit gloomy, the room that we were assigned to stay at that night, was new and there was more lighting. We think the new room's better.

We immediately headed for a walk outside and ta-dah, here, we saw the chaotic Nepal. Cars and Motorbikes were passing each side heedless of the people crossing. There were vendors and goods everywhere.

haotic thamel

We continued walking until we reached our destination, the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Kathmandu Durbar (Royal) Square. This complex encloses temples and palaces. It was built around 1000AD.

kathmandu durbar square

durbar square
We didn’t really have much time to  walk around the complex because it was already dark , the complex was not well lighted and we still had to walk a chaotic path back to our accommodation.

On our way, we decided to grab  dinner from a Chinese Restaurant.

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