Day 2: 10 Feb 2013 Kathmandu to Pokhara, Nepal

Yey going to Pokhara. We'd finally be seeing something outside the airport. It was freezing cold and there's no heater in the inn. Nice. Guess there'll be no bathing for us while were here.

We took cab for 600NPRs to the domestic airport. We alighted and we were forced to let these men help us carry our baggage since they happily opened the taxi door and independently collected our baggage. They asked for Peso since they knew we were Pinoys. They said it's for collection. Ok. Nevermind.  Promote Philippines.

Inside we have to pay airport tax of 200NPR . We waited and waited for our boarding at 8am, wooohoooo but once again, they changed  the time on the screen. Yes. Our flight’s delayed again. Consistent isn't it? Thanks Yeti Airlines.

As of the moment, from 8, 820, great, they just changed it to 840… Argh.. By the way, all the other flights from the same airline going to Pokhara’s on time, except ours.

I'm also having rashes since last night and I've no idea from where. Happy trip…

domestic airport


I know we waited long, but we were very happy that we took this 20+ seater plane because up in the sky, the view of the Himalayas was just amazing. Wow! Too bad the flight was only 20-25minutes.

view from the plane ride

We reached Pokhara, checked into Sacred Valley Inn and went to Paradise cafe n bar for breakfast. A bit pricey but we were hungry so we didn't really mind.

We then walked to Phewa lake, the second largest lake in Nepal, port. Locals and tourists alike, take their boats to go to the temple at the center of the lake and in our case, to go to the base of the hill to trek World Peace Pagoda.

phewa lake

We paid 375NPRs for the boat. That lake was serene, no wonder they chose that place to set up a temple. The silence and touch of the cool wind can make one think and introspect. But before I even went on trance mode, we arrived in the other side of the lake already.

We had to hike up supposedly, according to the locals, for about 45minutes up and 1-130hours going down, since we chose to descend via the other side, to see Devis falls,  but due to too many photo opps,  it took us 2 hrs to ascend. Trail was already made easy coz most parts were all cemented out and concreted stairs.

trail up

Reached the Pagoda and panoramic view of the lakes, valleys and the Himalayan ranges peeking peaks were visible from the top. It was breath-taking.

world peace pagoda

Trekked the other way down to the main road, because we were supposed to look for Devi’s falls but unfortunately, due to time constraints, we had to postpone the trip to the falls. We had to go to St. Anne’s Church to listen to the Sunday service.

We refused to take cab. We asked every single soul on how to go to the church and luckily, one guy approached us and helped us to get the correct van to the church. Fare was 12-25NPRS. Best way to know the fare’s not by asking the conductor, because they wouldn’t understand and sometimes, they’d charge higher because you look different. What one can do is copy how much the locals would pay going to the same place. My advice: be alert!

In Nepal, the 2 main Religions are Buddhism and Hinduism. This church was small and there were only 15 people attending the service. Father Norbert was the priest assigned there.

st. anne's church

fr. Norvert

After the mass Fr. Norbert helped us find the right van to the Damside  and from there we had to walk for about 20minutes to our accommodation. Taking cabs’ really pricey in such a touristy place hence, we made it a point just to do how locals do it. It wasn’t at all scary because Nepalese were very helpful and friendly.

We then had a vegetarian dinner and went home. Range for food is about 150-400NPRs.

Tomorrow we’re heading to Devi’s falls.


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