Day 1: 9 Feb 2013 Singapore to Kathmandu

We excitedly went to Changi airport for our flight to Delhi then Kathmandu only to find out that our 805am flight has been delayed and changed to 840. We were still calm coz our connecting flight from India to Kathmandu has an interval of more than an hour. We were also issued our India-kath boarding passes, hence we were quite secured that there'll be some form of coordination coz we've already gotten our boarding passes.

In the flight, we opted for non-vegetarian meal and unfortunately, when the flight attendant reached  our seats, the last non vegetarian meal has been served to my  seatmate. Also, no more bread..:(

Minor stuff. Still tolerable.

Flight went fine.  We had peas masala and Naan for breakfast. Coffee was bland. An hour before the arrival, the flight attendant announced that they'd be spraying disinfectant in the entire plane so we can  choose to cover our eyes and noses. Wooooo.. Then she sprayed. I was not  completely sure if the disinfectant was for the plane or for the  passengers? Hmmm

Landing went smoothly. At this point, we were already panicking. We only had 15min to transfer to our next flight. We ran as fast as we could but when we reached the transfer-desk, they calmly informed us  that the our flight already took off. What?!?

As of writing, we are waiting for our new flight which would be 745pm. For compensation for this delay and hassle, they'll provide us with free meal…yep free meal for a wasted day inside new Delhi

Despite all these badlucks we are still determined to make this trip  memorable, in a good way.


Now I guess they changed the flight time again. Departing from Delhi at  825pm. Argh.. Never again Jet Airways…


We landed safely and so far, I can already see why Nepal belongs to  the top the top friendliest countries in the world.

We rearranged pick up with our hotel, Sacred Valley Inn. As we were  riding the mini van, all we can see are non-developed roads and not  many high rise buildings, considering that Kathmandu is the country's  capital.

We reached Sacred Valley Inn. It's spacious but there's no toilet  light and heater as of the moment. Gotta figure out how to clean up  with tap water as cold as ice. Shall rest after cleaning up.

Tomorrow’s another day at Pokhara 🙂

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