Visa application time!!! Nepal and India Tourist Visa



1 page Fax form that you can obtain when you call the Visa office here in Singapore or you can probably get hold of the form in person.

Recent Passport picture

Original Passport

Copy of your NRIC


Processing time: Submit then collect the next day. Smooth

Submission time is 10-12am; Collection is from 2:30-4:30pm (confirm these timing, not sure about this, coz my friend got the visa for me, yes, you can let another person process for you as long as you signed the fax form)

India Tourist Visa for non Singapore passport

Actually, Filipinos can get Visa on Arrival in India, but we didn’t wanna go through the hassle hence, we applied here in Singapore.


Fill up a 3 or 4 (can’t remember exactly) paged online form. (Questions included your parents’ birthplace)

After completing, print it out.

Go to either VFS india or  BLS International bring the following requirements:

The printed online form

Fax form  from the website (for non singaporean)

Original passport

Passport photo

Copy of NRIC

98SGD (visa 75 + “There is an additional fee of S$20 (Telex Fees) for all Non-Singapore Passports  and There is an additional service fee of S$3.05 for every application”)

5 WORKING days processing

Good thing about this is that, with VFS, submission of documents’ 24/7 and collection is 8-10pm, yes, after work!=)


I hate applying for visa. I hate the process.  But I wouldn’t be able to go anywhere without going through it! Hays See yah Nepal and India!=)

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